The Ones That Got Away: 7 Items We Regret Not Buying

things we regret not buying sooner


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There's a common misconception that when it comes to talking about a breakup, we'd only be referring to the tragedy of parting ways with a significant other. But let's get one thing clear: This kind of emotional distress is by no means limited to romantic relationships. All my fellow fashion girls out there know that longing after a certain item from afar, whether it be a dreamy pair of heels or a perfect dress, and then finally letting this beloved garment slip away before you have time to make it yours can be equally as dramatic an experience.

I went through the kind of fashion breakup I'm referring to last summer, and, to be quite honest, I'm still not over it (clearly), which prompted me to write this story and bug my fellow Who What Wear editors to dredge up their fashion breakups, too. But let me backtrack for a moment. If you'll really allow me to use the breakup analogy here, it should probably be revised to something like a long-lost crush who finally stepped just outside of reach. It's not like we were in a relationship with these items (we never owned them), but for as much internet stalking and time that these items spent sitting in our virtual shopping carts not being ordered (and, hello, occupying precious space in our hearts), we feel they should have been ours the entire time.

Well, today we may be reminiscing over these seven things we regret not buying, but we're certainly not going to make the same mistake twice because we have to learn our lesson somehow. Keep reading to see the items causing us sartorial heartache and then shop the pieces we won't be letting out of our sights this time around.

The one that got away
The hat we regret not buying


Stella McCartney

"I let this Stella McCartney sculptural beret get away, and I still think about it. Fingers crossed that my saved search on eBay (where the site emails you if a product is listed with your keywords) will come through. It's worked before for an Acne Studios blazer that was several seasons old."

The one she won't let out of her sight
Prada Slip-On Booties

"I'm still undecided if I will let these get away, but they are selling so quickly, and I know I'd wear them all the time. I'll happily take encouragement to purchase from any enablers out there."

"I became seriously obsessed with this cardigan the first time I saw it, and within days it was sold out in my size, on all sites. I still keep it on my wish list in case it ever magically reappears, but so far no luck. What makes it so special? I think it's the perfectly placed florals, unusual neckline and the fact that it's cropped so short."

"I've wanted one of Balenciaga's hourglass blazers for a few seasons now, so when I found one on sale back in December, I finally made it mine before it could slip away."

The one that got away
The shoes we regret not buying


The Attico

"For so long, I remember lusting after these Attico crystal and velvet pumps. They might still be available a few places, but I promised myself I wouldn't look back (until now, thanks to Anna)."

"However, it took loving those Attico pumps a little too much to get me to realize these Area mules are really what my closet was missing. They're definitely pricey, but I haven't stopped lusting after them for months now."

"I wasn't able to snag these perfect Dôen ballet flats (pictured below) before they sold out, but I will be buying the brand's pretty new minidress to ease my pain!"

The one she won't let out of her sight
Dôen Baudoin Dress
The one that got away
The dress we regret not buying



"I've been a stan of Sandy Liang's subversive take on feminine style for so long now, it's really a wonder that I haven't made any of her pieces my own yet. Last summer, this dress (the above image is actually the top and skirt version it also came in) was all I could think about. From the shirred waistline to the multicolored ruffle trim, it's a pure delight—it's too bad I over-contemplated it because it sold out swiftly."

"Luckily, that dress wasn't the only way to fill the gaping hole in my heart and closet. Sandy Liang's line is full of fun, whimsical tops that I'll be capitalizing on before it's too late."

The one that got away
the boots we regret not buying



"Zara items tend to come and go very quickly, so you have to get your hands on the good stuff fast. I passed on buying these white knee-high boots at first because I already own plenty of white ankle boots, but now I seriously regret they are not in my closet, especially as I've seen so many cool fashion girls wearing them all over Instagram. (And moreover, they photograph beautifully!) They, of course, sold out in a flash."

"I'm excited for warmer temps so I can get my toes into these gorgeous 'floss' sandals. They are selling out fast, and I won't let them get away! Also how good will they look with straight-leg jeans come spring?"

"Like two years ago, everyone in my office was buying these strappy Mango sandals (that looked a lot like a Chloé style) in nude and black. I just got them in black but they are SO versatile and comfortable and earn me so many compliments to this day, I wish I’d gotten them in nude too. #Regrets."

Since you're probably in the mood to shop now, here's what else are editors are buying into.

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