5 Ways to Accessorize These Very Important Spring Looks
5 Ways to Accessorize These Very Important Spring Looks

5 Ways to Accessorize These Very Important Spring Looks

Let's talk spring accessories. Actually, while I have you, let's chat about accessories in relation to some of the most wonderfully wearable street style looks seen outside the shows this past month (particularly in those lucky cities where spring's, miraculously, already sprung).

The great news is that these new-season outfit ideas actually aren't coming way out of left field the way they sometimes do. You can imagine my delight in discovering that my wardrobe is already in a pretty good place, spring apparel-wise… Maybe I finally have a solid foundation of investment pieces to work with? Or maybe clothing life spans are getting longer as the style set at large becomes increasingly mindful of what it's buying next.

Either way, S/S 19 seems to be more about reimagining those things we loved last time the weather was warm rather than starting a whole new look from scratch. Here's how to work with the apparel you likely already have hanging in your closet; it's time to accessorize your way to the best looks spring has to offer.

THE APPAREL: We're now several seasons deep into our love of the pantsuit, something I once upon a time somehow couldn't imagine owning for lack of having an office to wear it to.

THE ACCESSORIES: Elegant gold chains of varying lengths and weights are a seriously worthwhile investment guaranteed to luxe up that oversize relaxed blazer–and–high-waisted trouser combo. Then add my second-favorite investment accessory of all time: black leather sandals with a statement (and secretly practical) heel guaranteed to elevate your suiting to statement-outfit levels, whether it's designer-quality or as cheap and cheerful as last season's budget required.

THE APPAREL: Great news if you're part of the crowd that got seriously into pastels last spring and (like me) continued to wear them through winter to cheer up those dismally gray days. Prepare to remix those happy pieces you bought and loved in 2018.

THE ACCESSORIES: Rainbow accessory add-ons are really where it's at, whether they're acting as a final layer of fun on top of an already colorful look, or giving a dose of personality to something more monochrome. Don't fall into the trap of thinking colorful pieces are only fit for more casual days—elevated rainbow accessories are perfect for dressing up jeans and a classic white button-down in a way that feels really chic and modern.

THE APPAREL: Bum bags recently became a thing again, proof we've all been at least a little into the '80s at some point. Typically, just when we dare to cringe at the thought of how big our shoulder pads once were, the vibe loops back around to being in style once again. Grab a vintage-inspired printed shirt with a healthy dose of color (bonus points if you can touch on this season's neon trend), plus a leather or leather-look skirt that really deserves to be part of your trans-seasonal wardrobe by now.

THE ACCESSORIES: All manner of pearls and other white stones are having a moment, and I particularly love them during the warmer months for their ability to either lean vintage, or feel elegantly fresh and vacation-worthy, as the case may be. Go for  '80s-inspired yellow gold in all ways, shapes, and forms, including the chain of your mini bag, and particularly any luxe jewelry with a nostalgic vibe by way of a knotted or twisted texture. Steal from your mom, or invest in your own.

THE APPAREL: Everyone is really loving a light tonal look with just a little bit of something extra (like cutouts or embellishments) to make it interesting. Don't feel pressured to be perfectly matchy-matchy. Play around with neutral separates and you'll be surprised at how an ever-so-slightly-wrong beige-on-cream-on-cool-white combo can click.

THE ACCESSORIES: It's all about adding something that makes this low-key, easy-to-wear vibe feel casually ultra-special. Consider it permission to go a touch over-the-top, accessories-wise, with zero consequence: Utilize all those ear piercings, creating a little earlobe party with oversize hoops and cool modern studs alike. And don't be shy with that rhinestone belt—in fact, show me one outfit that all this silver sparkle doesn't make better. (I'll wait.)

THE APPAREL: White cutoff jeans or Bermuda shorts are going to rule your summer, but don't wait to wear them. Start early in the season by pairing them with your favorite light knits in a spring-ready color—that lilac sweater we all recently bought is right on the money.

THE ACCESSORIES: The key with a look based around a piece that leans casual is dressing it up with super-elevated accessories. A structured handheld mini bucket bag (that feels a little bit major) is the perfect add-on; it's guaranteed to draw attention to the cluster of complementary rings you have stacked on one hand.