These 29 Easy Accessories Will Instantly Elevate All of Your Outfits This Spring



Since the weather has been particularly dreary lately, I'm taking the optimistic approach and looking toward the spring days that lie ahead. And since I'm not the kind of person that resorts to buying a brand new wardrobe each season, I look to accessories to bring in the needed refresh. Think of them as the key ingredient needed to complete your outfit recipe. That plain T-shirt-and-jeans combo you wear on lazy days? A metallic belt or luxe leather handbag can bring it to the next level. It's as simple as that.

Shopping for accessories can often take less commitment than clothing and plus, they earn the cost per wear at a quicker pace. (You might be judged for wearing the same shirt four days in a row, but no one will bat an eye if you drag the same handbag around for weeks.) These past few months, I've been relying on chunky scarves, metallic bags, and tall socks, and the next season comes with both repeats and fresh takes. Some favorites include woven handbags, dainty chokers, and patent-leather flats. Keep scrolling to find and shop your pick of the bunch.

These earrings have been causing quite the buzz in our editors' Slack channels.

Rosettes aren't going anywhere.

Contrast trim is making quite a strong comeback. (Thanks, French girls!)

According to editor Anna LaPlaca, this is giving YSL vibes and I must say, I agree.

Spice up your belt rotation with this wine colored hue.

Spring still has its chilly days, and these cozy socks will pair perfectly with ballet flats or loafers.

The heel adds a delightful touch to the classic silhouette.

This looks like it came straight off a runway.

I'm usually into rectangular sunglasses, but I'm making an exception for this sleek pair.

All I've been wearing are my Uggs, so I'm very excited for the weather to warm up so I can add these slingbacks to my daily wardrobe.

You can't go wrong with Ray-Bans. Plus, this shape feels fresh.

Neon-colored handbags can often look cheap, but this one is just dreamy.

How about an early Valentine's day gift to yourself?

This will pair perfectly with any breezy spring dress.

Ralph Lauren is a master at luxury and this bag is one to watch. Also, the under-$500 pricepoint is a bonus.

I'm always on board with a pop of blue.

This may not be the most "spring" shoe style of the bunch, but imagine how much cooler your dresses or skirts would look paired with them.

Belts may be small in size, but they make a big impact on an outfit.

Jewel tones aren't just for fall. Groundbreaking, no?