Insider Tips for Finding the Best Pieces at Sportsgirl

Like many Australian girls, one of my first jobs was at Sportsgirl. It was 2007. I was in my first year of university and needed a job that would give me enough $$$ to be able to dress like Nicole Richie (it was 2007—Kendall and Gigi were still only 12). Of course my weekly pay packet couldn’t afford the same designer labels as my icon (always in Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen), but landing a job at Sportsgirl meant I was able to emulate her look for much, much less.

Sportsgirl is a treasure trove for on-trend and affordable pieces. If you know how and where to look, you can walk out with some seriously wardrobe-enhancing pieces. As an ex-Sportsgirl, today I’m giving you my ultimate tips for navigating the often-busy and bustling store, so you always walk out with worthwhile a purchase.

Keep scrolling for the top tips I picked up after three years of working the shop floor.

The most valuable tip I learnt while working at Sportsgirl, is that merchandising is key. You'll always find the new arrivals, statement pieces, and best sellers at the front of the store to draw you in—they're the super on-trend pieces you'll be desperate to get your hands on. And guess what? The technique works. The pieces you find at the front ,rarely last for more than few days before selling out so make sure you visit regularly. 

The accessories section cannot be skipped. While a wall of shiny jewellery or shoes may seem overwhelming, it's worth taking your time to scan the entire collection. You'll often find designer-inspired pieces for a fraction of the cost. If a piece is #trending, like say big gold earrings, you're guaranteed to find it here.

Spoiler alert: You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars when shopping for basics. Sporty (that's what we called it back in the day) has you sorted for tees. Any colour. Any shape. Any style. Trust me. 

Now this one is super important. Sportsgirl is always on sale. I don't think I've ever walked into the store and not seen a sale rack. Which means there's always a bargain to be had. Often (like right now) the brand will also have an extra markdown on sale. Right now you can shop this perfect midi skirt for less than $30.

Sportsgirl has a true cult following. The iconic Australian label has been around forever (Google tells me since 1948) and its fans are true label devotees. So much so, that the hashtag #SportsgirlStyle has over 14,000 posts. Jump on it if you're looking for some fresh inspo when shopping the new arrivals. 

The first time you ever visited a Sportsgirl store, it was probably the window and in-store displays that drew you in—they're so detailed, and the styling is spot-on. Take note and you'll discover a new way to wear a belt, tie your scarf, or layer your basics—and even spot a piece you hadn't already noticed in store.

New arrivals come multiple times throughout the week, so try your hardest to visit as often as possible. If that fails, sign up for the newsletter or keep an eye on the 'new arrivals' section on the website. 

You'll wear a silk bomber jacket well into spring.

An update on the bandana in this season's biggest accessory trend—the choker.

How I'd style it? With a denim jacket tied around the waist.

How do fashion insiders update their look? With bold jewellery, of course.

Tried frayed hem jeans? Now it's time to try the skirt version.

Fool your friends into thinking you spent big (when really you only spent $50). 

Add a chic update to your outfit with backless loafers.

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