Special-Occasion Jewelry You'll Want to Wear Every Single Day

We can find no reason not to wear fancy shoes with our favorite go-to jeans or style a dress we wore to a wedding one weekend with a pair of sneakers for brunch the following. So why not take the same approach with our special-occasion jewelry?

Statement earrings and sparkly baubles of all sorts might elevate an ensemble for a fancy affair, but if you’re not also finding ways to sprinkle them into every other outfit you wear, well, that’s a missed opportunity in our book. In this spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces of special-occasion jewelry that we’d argue could be worn for every other occasion: black tie to a bodega run, anniversary dinner to annual checkup. No event will seem too mundane to sport these “special occasion” designs. Scroll down to shop them all.

If these don't make your T-shirt and jeans feel extra special, what will?

This design might warrant a few double-takes...in a good way!

This kind of precious metal deserves to be taken out more often than on occasion.

A pair of modern metal earrings are always a good choice.

Pair with gowns or with a chunky sweater—either works.

For extra impact, pile on multiple strands of necklaces.

Might make a nice alternative engagement ring too, no?

If you're looking for wear-anytime pearls, this more minimal and modern design is a win.

It's not just the shine and sparkly that makes a piece of jewelry special, for these earrings it's the beautiful color, too.

Maximalists aren't really into single-band rings anyway. Right?

This unique design will feel special no matter what you wear it with.

Can't choose between pearls and stones? Don't.

This will earn so many stares for its petty colors and flecks of gold.

By night: Unique chandelier earrings. By day: Something to punch up your favorite sweaters.

Opening Image: A Love Is Blind

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