The Best Socks to Wear With Flats, Based on Reviews

Best Socks to Wear With Flats



The easiest way to extend the lifecycle of your favorite flats is to wear them with socks. Why? Because your feet are less likely to sweat as much (or as fast), and as such, an unpleasant odor will not build up as fast. What's more, socks, especially those lined with gels pads, will prevent feet from slipping back and forth while walking.

Now, because we're all for finding ways to slow down the wear and tear of fashion staples (in this case, flats), we decided to find the best socks to wear with flats. And once you try these out, you'll never slip into the shoe barefoot again. Ahead, read on to see and shop the 10 best socks to wear with your ballet flats, based on real customer reviews. 

Shop the best socks to wear with flats:

Top Review: "These no-show socks are great! I've been looking around for a while and am so glad I finally found some by Hue. They don't slip like some others. Will definitely purchase more in other colors in the future! Definitely, recommend."

Top Review: "Great for flats! They are a bit thicker than others, but I like these."

Top Review: "These are the best socks for loafers! Thin enough to not ruin the fit of your shoes, sweat-wicking for my favorite patent leather loafers, and they come up high enough to prevent my the top of my foot from sticking to the shoe tongue. Love!"

Top Review: "I have purchased many no-show socks in the past since I am constantly wearing flats and loafers, however, the majority, if not all, of the socks always tend to show anyway. That said, it was always a struggle to wear my flats until I found Vero Monte no-show socks!! These are absolutely the best, the fabric is not seen at all, they are soft and comfortable to wear, and the back of the sock has a no-slip guard. I love these and would purchase again in the future."

Top Review: "Great quality socks for the price!"

Top Review: "These no-show socks are truly no-show; I've worn them with everything from tiny ballet flats to slip-on Keds. I am a women's size 9W and these fit my foot very well. The all pink set was a good neutral (not nude) for my very (very) pale skin."

Top Review: "Will purchase over and over again! These are the perfect size socks I was looking for both my sneakers and ballet flats. The heel does not slide down during the day, like others I've worn in the past. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a thin sock."

Top Review: "These are magic. I've hated wearing flats because the little no-show socks that are made for flats slide off my heel and under my foot within three steps. The little gel pads make a world of difference! I've worn these all day with no slipping. It's exciting to be able to wear cute flats without the frustration of socks that won't stay still. They seem to hold up just fine through wash and dry as well. I've washed mine several times now, and the little gel pads work just as well."

Top Review: "Best no-show socks I've ever purchased, and I've bought a lot of them. These fit really well and don't slip! They are contoured on the sides, so they don't slide left and right in the shoe either. Bought five more!"

Top Review: "Initially, I bought these socks to wear with boat shoes, however they are thin enough and no-show enough that I wear them any time I wear flats! They stay in place and don't peek out from any of my shoes! I don't know how I lived without them."

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Ed. note: Reviews have been edited for clarity.