The Official Guide to a Smart-Casual Dress Code


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Whether you work in a creative office, a brand-new startup, or somewhere in between, there are a lot of casual work environments these days. Combine that to the elusive definition of a smart-casual dress code and you probably find yourself at a loss as to what to wear to work.

Dressing for the office—no matter what type of environment you’re in—can be tricky. From finding out what types of tops are HR-approved to decoding what casual Friday entails for your office, there are a lot of things to consider. And when you work in a place that has a vague dress code, the task can feel even more overwhelming. Not to worry—that’s where we come in. To make sure you’re dressing the part for an office with a smart-casual dress code, we asked stylist Britt Theodora for her expertise.

"A smart-casual dress code is an elevation of your ideal day-to-day wardrobe,” she explains. "To turn a go-to jeans-and–T-shirt ensemble into business casual, throw on a black blazer and non-ripped jeans with ballet flats.” Theodora’s other favorite pieces for a smart-casual look involve high-waisted cigarette pants with white button-downs and a comfortable pointed heel. And when in doubt, avoid wearing anything too revealing, such as plunging necklines and short skirts or dresses.

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Black Blazer

Cigarette Pants

Sleek Flats

Comfortable Pointed Toe Heels

Jeans (Without Rips)

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