How French Girls Make the Most of Tiny Parisian Closets

While we’re still holding onto our dreams of one day having a Pinterest-perfect, celebrity-inspired mega-closet, but until that happens, the best thing we can do is try to maximize and utilize the space we currently ­do have in the best way possible.

With that in mind, we recently reached out to Audrey Leighton, the Paris-based blogger behind Frassy, to share her tips on how to make the most of a small closet. With the ever-increasing wardrobe that comes with being a fashion blogger and the limited space that comes as a tradeoff of living in Paris, we knew she’d be full of ideas that are both creative and chic—and that she was.

Scroll through for Leighton’s top tips!

“I have always chosen my truly cherished pieces and hung them up on a pretty hanger in other spaces such as the living room or bedroom. Trays of jewelry or racks of sunglasses also make cool decorations.” — Audrey Leighton of Frassy

“Rather than clutter floor space, think upward! Floor-to-ceiling shelving is a great way to store dozens of pairs of shoes.” — Audrey Leighton of Frassy

“I store my bags like Russian dolls, putting smaller ones inside bigger ones. This helps the bigger styles keep their shape but also saves space.” — Audrey Leighton of Frassy

“In an effort to keep my closet organized, my pieces are stored thematically by color and garment type. Anything that doesn't adhere to the hanging categories goes in drawers. This keeps everything organized and easy to access without making a huge mess. Small spaces are prone to quicker chaos!” — Audrey Leighton of Frassy

“I will pop these up wherever I have some space, next to my front door or in the bedroom. Maximizing otherwise empty space means your wardrobe itself will stay less cluttered! And again, a decorative element too in the house!” — Audrey Leighton of Frassy 

Which tip will you be trying first? Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: Frassy

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