24 Small But Life-Changing Amazon Purchases We Can't Get Enough Of

I’m one of those people who is easily swayed to buy things, an impulsive shopper if you will. Just put a good product review in front of me (or an article just like this) and, well, you can guess how the story ends. It might not be the most efficient way to shop, but over the years, I’ve discovered some of the very best products because of my lack of self-control. So there’s that.

But to be clear, there are few e-tailers that get to me as much as Amazon and its beauty section. The prices, the ease of shopping, the affordable prices, and the astonishing number of reviews creates the perfect storm to break down a gal like me. Wait, did I mention the prices? 

So to save you hours of your time, I’m sharing 24 small but life-changing Amazon beauty buys me and my fellow co-workers can’t get enough of—and soon you won't be able to live without them either. 

Caitie Schlisserman small Amazon beauty purchases

I swear by this little facial massager. I try and use it every night and always feel like my skin looks more awake, less dark and bleh, and it honestly just feels good at the end of a long day.

I’ve tried so many pimple patches, and these are a total game changer. (They rival Peach Slices.) The first time I used them, I was shook by how much liquid (sorry, gross!) came out of my pimple and how the redness around my blemish reduced so much overnight. They’re also super hydrating and basically invisible, so yes, I’ve even worn them out in public.

To be completely transparent, I bruised my skin the first time I used this. It seriously looked like I had a massive hickey on my chin and I basically wanted to curl up and not go out in public for days. But, after practicing on my hand and getting the hang of the various suctions and levels, it’s actually really easy to use. (But, practice first, people!) I never seem to have as much gunk filled up as some of the review pictures claim to, but my skin always looks fresher, brighter, and much smoother. It's like going to the dermatologist, without a hefty price tag. 

Since buying my gua sha a year ago, I haven’t been able to go a night without using it. It increases blood circulation, which increases elastin and collagen, and it also helps with lymphatic drainage. My skin always looks way more lifted after using it. It’s kind of insane, especially since you really only need to do it for 5 to 10 minutes a day. I usually finish my nighttime routine, slather on some extra oil and put it to use while hanging on the couch. (If you need more convincing, watch this video.)

I’ve been using this at night for years now and have noticed a huge improvement in my overall skin tone. It’s hydrating and has definitely helped heal old scars from me picking my skin (oops). The fact that it’s only $13 is also a real treat. I’m never upset when I run out!

Erin Jahns small Amazon beauty purchases

I can't blow out my hair and was spending way too much money at blowdry bars until I finally tried this brush. It takes a little bit of time (and I'm lazy), but it truly makes your hair look salon-level.

Courtney Higgs small Amazon beauty purchases

I was getting really grossed out by how infrequently I was cleaning my makeup brushes, so I decided to take on a chance on this no-rinse, quick-drying formula and it changed my life. I can quickly clean my brushes almost every day now, and my skin and overall health are so much better for it.

I bought these simple pearl bobby pins after seeing a friend add some to her hair and thinking they looked so chic. They're just an easy and minimal addition to any style, and instantly add a layer of polish to my overall look.

Flu season has got me washing my hands about 100 times per day, and applying hand lotion is essential to avoid dry, cracked skin. I was introduced to this cream fairly recently, but it's quickly become my favorite. My hands have never been so smooth in all my life!

Natalie Cantell small Amazon beauty purchases

I love oils, and this is the best one in the entire world. It's owned by the most delightful wonderful yogi humans and smells incredible, and I will never say enough good things about it.

I went to my favorite beauty store in Sydney last year and asked them what I should use that isn't a foundation (I don't like wearing actual makeup) that will make me dewy and even out redness without any actual "coverage". This was their answer.

Anna Dominguez small Amazon beauty purchases

This lip mask is my savior (especially during these cold, winter months). I put in on before bed and, without fail, wake up with the softest lips ever. I even use a light coat during the day for extra care!

I always give up on supplements way too soon because I don't notice a difference right away. However, these were a different story—my hair was growing like weeds within a month!

Natalia Sztyk small Amazon beauty purchases

A tongue scraper is a must. I don’t know how this isn’t a step into our everyday dental regimen. I’ve given these out as gifts because literally every single person needs one in their life. I typically scrape before I do anything else in the morning and after dinner. Fresh breath! Release those toxins! Feel clean! Get rid of that junk!

I’m a sucker for toner, but hated that I was being so wasteful by using cotton rounds. I’m obsessed with these bamboo ones. They’re soft and gentle, yet feel like they are working overtime than the average cotton round. After using one, I simply place it into the little washable bag it comes with. At the end of the week, I throw the bag with all my used rounds into my normal laundry.

These mini razors will gently remove all that peach fuzz you never knew your face had so much of. I use it all over my face and have been for years. Doing this will not make your hair grow in darker or thicker, instead, the benefits are smoother, exfoliated skin that not only feels nice but allows serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into your skin.

Nayiri Mampourian small Amazon beauty purchases

I got this from Amazon after they discontinued Avibon. This is a French vitamin A pomade, and every time I use it my skin feels super bouncy. The consistency might not be ideal for a lot of people—it’s actually like Vaseline and it doesn’t smell great—but a little goes a long way. I use it once a week and dab it on areas I feel like need a little TLC like my smile lines, forehead and crows feet. It’s a perfect retinol gateway product for me now that I'm 30.

I lost some hair three months after my daughter Sophie was born. One day I just looked in the mirror and somehow, my hairline had receded. As someone with a lot of hair (I thank my Armenian DNA for that), this was super upsetting. I did some research and picked up this hair growth serum from Kerastase and in a few weeks, I started noticing longer baby hairs along my hairline. My hair was growing back, and I have this product to thank for that.

Michaela Bushkin small Amazon beauty purchases

I used to spend upward of 20 minutes combining through my tangled post-shower hair. Now I use my Wet Brush in the shower after conditioning and my life, and morning routine, have never been the same.

I love wearing scrunchies for style purposes throughout the day but I really love these particular satin ones for wrapping my hair up overnight. I have extremely straight, flat strands so I like to wrap my hair into a bun and slip one of these non-damaging scrunchies on top so that I wake up with volumized waves.

If I had to choose one holy-grail skincare product, these tiny acne spot patches would be it. My breakouts tend to be sporadic and mostly the result of sugar and dairy consumption (sigh), but when I pop one of these on a pimple overnight, it's significantly less noticeable by morning.

The main reason I bought this rose gold Beautyblender stand was because it looks cute on my vanity. However, I realized it also allows the sponge to completely dry out, preventing any gross mold situations.

As someone who likes an added glow before a pool day or beach vacation, I'm a big fan of self-tanner in general. This little mitt gets the job done streak-free and is easily transportable when traveling.