The 2018 Skinny-Jean Trends to Know

skinny jean trends 2018


Collage Vintage

By now, skinny jeans have proven that they're here to stay—the denim style continues to reign supreme year after year. However, just because something is a classic doesn't mean it shouldn't get a makeover every now and then, and here to tell us about the need-to-know skinny-jean updates for 2018 is Scott Morrison, founder and creator of the beloved denim brand 3x1. Morrison was kind enough to give us an inside look at the skinny-jean trends he believes will be huge this year. Don't worry—the updates he walked us through are mild enough to make you feel at home but also sure to liven up your new-season wardrobe. Ready to see what this denim expert has to say on the matter?

Not Quite Skinny, Not Quite Straight

"For 2018, we're seeing skinny jeans evolve into a shape that's not quite a skinny and not quite a straight leg—the silhouette is very flattering and also very wearable, since it's not skintight yet it's still fitted. Our W4 High-Rise Shelter Slim just hit and illustrates this progression, and in a few weeks, one of our favorite new styles, the Higher Ground Crop, will drop, marrying this new silhouette with extreme distressing."

Longer Inseams

"Speaking of cropped jeans, cropped slim styles are still very relevant, although later in the season, we have longer inseams making a comeback."

Understated Fringe

"Holden and Slash are iterations of our fan-favorite fringe jeans. For 2018, hems are a little more understated, letting the washes and fits play a more substantial role."

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