I Swear This Timeless Coat Trend Somehow Always Looks Expensive


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There are certain rules of thumb in fashion when it comes to making things look expensive. Whether it be a specific color or fabric, there are tricks of the trade you start to pick up that you can use and apply when shopping to guarantee your outfit looks more expensive than it is. For instance, camel-colored pieces tend to feel more luxe than other colors—there's something about the neutral hue that just feels elevated.

This same idea goes for coats. There's one timeless coat style that somehow always looks more pricey than it is: Single-breasted coats. The length and tailoring feel sleek and elongates the body, making it immediately feel elevated. They also look a bit like a longer blazer, which we pretty much all agree is the ultimate third piece and makes any outfit look polished. A single-breasted coat applies the same styling magic—throw it on over any outfit and it takes your look to the next level. Below, see how fashion girls are styling their coats right now and shop the 16 best single-breasted coats for winter. 


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Caitlin Burnett
Contributing Editor