5 Winter Outfit Formulas You Won't Want to Forget

We’re all crazed with a trillion things going on at once, right? That’s why finding simple ways to make your mornings easier and save you time is critical. When it comes to getting dressed, you could spend 30 minutes before work going through your entire wardrobe, but nobody really has more than five minutes for that. It’s all about keeping simple yet forward outfit formulas in your back pocket to take the stress out of crafting a solid look. Currently, there are five winter ensembles we’re all about that are stylish and interesting, but don’t take a ton of effort to put together. Keep scrolling to note these simple outfits, plus shop the essentials if you want to continue building your winter wardrobe.

The beauty of a leopard coat is that it’s so statement-making on its own you don’t really need to put much effort into the rest of the look. Add a tee or knit, jeans, and ankle boots, and you’re all set. 

At first glance, this layered ensemble feels very high-concept, but it’s actually quite easy to put together. Grab a pair of checked pants, a knit, and a coordinating blazer. Then, just toss on a printed coat with boots. Done and done.

Live in denim? Give this outfit a whirl by grabbing your favorite pair of jeans and a chambray top, completing the look with your most eye-catching coat (to add dimension) and sneakers.

A puffer vest (or any type of vest or outer layer) is so fashion-forward with your go-to colorful sweater, on-trend corduroy trousers, and flat hiking boots. If you really want to go for it, add in a colorful belt to tie the entire look together.

When you really don't want to think about putting together a look but need something sophisticated, don't underestimate the power of a tailored suit. All you need to do is throw it on and add a turtleneck and boots—you'll be good to go.