The Best Party Outfit Ideas for Girls With Simple Style

For women with simple style—an approach that relies on a strong collection of basics and never feels contrived—RSVP'ing to a party is not cause to take a 180-degree turn on their closets. Instead, a fancy social situation is more of an invitation to compose a look that’s sleek, unfussy, and festive, sans any hint of holiday hokeyness. It probably looks something like one of the seven examples of simple party outfits below.

The key to an uncomplicated yet stunning holiday party outfit? Balance. Sparkle is incorporated thoughtfully. Textures are prioritized over clashing, look-at-me prints. And little black dresses are plan A, not simply a backup plan. Ahead, take a look at how a few pros embrace simple style for special occasions, and leave maximalism—as exciting as it is—for another crowd.

Simply holiday party outfits with sweaters



Simple black sweaters are key party pieces. Pair one with an elegant, silky (or jacquard, or sequin) wrap skirt and your favorite boots. A hint of sparkle is optional but always welcome.

We love an LBD when it feels a bit unexpected and different. This asymmetric style is perfect… and especially with coordinated fluffy heels.

Holiday party outfit with knit sets



Knit sets are cozy and easy, but also read as party-ready when they come in sparkly textures.

A '90s-era slip dress is a minimalist's essential. Add extra punch to your look by choosing a powerful color and committing from head to toe.

It's winter, which means outerwear is as important to a party look as any other item you wear. Let your topper be your statement piece, pairing it with other, neutral-colored items.

Tuxedo holiday party outfit



A beautiful black tuxedo suit will impress any crowd, anywhere. It also happens to be incredibly uncomplicated to style.

Holiday party outfits with sweater dresses



Opt for an elevated sweaterdress and elegant mules that balance your desire to keep things simple with your desire to look fire at your next holiday bash.