11 Maximalist Outfits to Try When You're Feeling Bold

Whereas minimalism follows the popular saying "less is more," maximalism (today's trend focus) plays by its own rules. More is more here. Where a minimalist dresser may piece together a look with only a few refined, classic staples—for example, a structured blouse teamed with straight-leg jeans and sleek black booties—and typically sticks to a pared-down color palette (think soft neutrals, crisp whites, and stark blacks), a maximalist dresser would instead, opt for the bold, the printed, and the downright over-the-top pieces hanging in her wardrobe. She would never question whether to add another necklace (or any accessory, for that matter) to her look—the answer is always yes. Because more is, in fact, more, and maximalist dressing is all about defying any set style rules and just having fun with fashion.

So next time you're feeling bold and want to step outside of your fashion comfort zone, take a maximalist approach. Go big or go home, right? To help you kick-start a handful of over-the-top outfit combination ideas, we decided to round up some of the boldest, brightest print-clashing looks spotted on our go-to street stylers. Remember though that your maximalist outfit can consist of whatever your heart desires—so yes, mix that leopard-print top with your poppy fuchsia faux-fur coat, lime green heels, and layers of necklaces. We know Iris Apfel, a maximalist icon, would certainly approve.


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Not feeling the maximalist trend? Then read on for the best tips and tricks on mastering a minimalist wardrobe.

Eva Thomas