So… Jen Atkin Is Secretly a Makeup Guru—Here's Her Routine for Proof

Few hairstylists have careers as impressive as Jen Atkin. The 38-year-old celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur is responsible for the cuts and 'dos of basically every single one of your biggest Instagram follows, from the Kardashians to Bella Hadid to Chrissy Teigen. She's also the founder of cult hair care brand Ouai and a social media genius (name another hairstylist who has over 2.7 million IG followers, I'll wait).

Much has been written about the hairstyling tips and personal regimen of Jen Atkin, but amidst all the hair-related hubbub, we couldn't help but notice that almost no one has stopped to ask Jen about her makeup routine. The woman has a signature look that seems to work so well for her—flawless skin, flick of liquid eyeliner, touch of color on the lips. Plus, she's friends with some of the best celeb makeup artists in the biz, like Mary Phillips and Mario Dedivanovic. We figured she had to have some pretty legit products in her arsenal, so we hit Jen Atkin up and asked her to spill every makeup product she uses on the daily to create her effortless, almost French girl–esque look. Keep scrolling to shop Jen Atkin's everyday makeup routine. 

You know you're dealing with a savvy beauty human when you ask for their makeup routine and the first product they mention is sunscreen. Can't have good makeup without good skin, right? Before applying anything else, Jen protects her skin every day with this invisible, weightless, fragrance-free SPF 40, which sits beautifully under makeup.

A true beauty guru's guru, Atkin's go-to foundation is by the iconic makeup artist–beloved brand Kevyn Aucoin. The water-based foundation is really lightweight and packed with moisture, but not at all pore-clogging. It gives just the amount of coverage for a filtered, airbrushed look. 

Jen's brows always look so enviably full and bushy but still sculpted. She owes this to her ride-or-die brow combo of Anastasia Beverly Hills's fine-tipped brow pencil, which allows you to create the look of individual brow hairs.

She also uses the brand's mess-free clear brow gel to keep her brows in place while adding shine.

How does Jen's winged eyeliner always look so perfect? These days, she owes her signature flick to a new brand called Able Cosmetics, whose jet black formula comes in a flexible, user-friendly tip, accompanied by a detachable stencil to help execute sharp, symmetrical wings every time. 

We were fascinated to discover that the priciest product in Jen's makeup routine is actually her mascara—though we fully support her choice. Chantecaille's legendary mascara is a favorite among beauty editors for its super-lengthening, clump-free formula in addition to its gentle but conditioning ingredient list, including rosewater and peptides, which promote lash growth. 

Jen's lips always seem to sport such a perfect natural flush of color, which she unexpectedly owes to this fiery crayon from Nars. You can dab the product on with your fingers for a subtler pop of orange-red, or apply it straight from the stick for a high-impact effect.

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