"Egg Yolk Eyes" Are the Weird Trend Makeup Artists Can't Stop 'Gramming

Makeup artists agree that in 2019, we'll see fewer complex eye makeup looks involving cumbersome palettes and multiple shades of powder eye shadow and instead see brighter, simpler looks. "Bright-but-simple, bold eyes" is how Milk Makeup's studio artist Sara Wren describes the eye looks we'll be seeing most this year.

My personal favorite manifestation of this makeup trend comes in the form of glossy, yellow lids, which have been blowing up on makeup artists' Instagrams lately. "Egg yolk eyes" are the sunshiny, monochromatic antithesis to the classic dark smoky eye—and we are so here for the refreshing change.

Yellow might not seem like a flattering eye color at first, but because all skin tones have certain shades of yellow within them, it actually ends up looking dope on everyone. Pair the bold look with simple makeup—dewy skin, filled-in brows, a neutral lip—and the result is pretty damn cool. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling for all the "egg yolk eyes" makeup inspo you need.

The key to this look is making sure to choose a yellow eye shadow that's super bright—nothing too muted, orangey, or gold. Matte finishes are best since you'll be layering a gloss on top.

To apply, use a wetted eye shadow brush for powder shadow, and then pack the product on generously for the most pigmented result. Or use a high-impact cream shadow like the Ben Nye pick below.

Feel free to get creative with where you place the color—all the way up to the brow bone, under the lower lash line. It's all fair game.

The final step in this look is simply to pat a gloss on top. Makeup artists who do a lot of glossy lids swear by MAC's tried-and-true clear Lip Glass, which is thick and ultra shiny. 

If you want a more shimmery finish, try an eye topper (which is like lip gloss for your eyes)BH Cosmetics makes a great one that comes in a yellow shade. 

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