The One Clothing Item That Will Boost Your Sex Life, According to Science

Love and fashion are no strangers to controversy, but it's not often that a topic comes up with the same vitriol and heat that arose when I stumbled upon—and shared—the surprising fact that sex is better with socks on. Now, before you gasp in horror (as one co-worker did) or shudder or even burst out laughing, there's science to back up this surprising claim.

Gert Holstege, MD, Ph.D., of the University of Groningen conducted a 2003 study analyzing arousal, with one major takeaway being that socks made a difference in women's ability to climax during sex. Women wearing socks successfully achieved orgasm 80% of the time versus just 50% without socks.

Cold feet (literally) made women uncomfortable, triggering parts of the brain associated with fear and anxiety. When they were given socks, their issue was remedied. Sex therapist Laurie Watson firmly agrees: "Women can only orgasm with warm feet! Well, technically the won't want sex if their feet are cold." In addition to socks, Watson suggests trying other warming tricks like a heated mattress pad.

The takeaway: Though to some it may seem awkward to keep socks on, it may be the extra boost your love life needs (and right before Valentine's Day too)!

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