10 Casual Outfits That Only Require the Basics You Already Own

Shopping has certainly changed over the course of the past couple of months from what we're shopping for to how we're shopping which means there is no time like the present to fully embrace and love on the basics you already own. Since we usually think of basics as the building blocks for a more complex outfit, my hope is that this story will help inspire you to reimagine the basics sitting in your closet at this very moment, and the 10 casual outfit ideas ahead will help you see their potential. 

Since we are all spending more time at home, making the most of the things that we already have is feeling wiser than ever, and thanks to the very stylish ladies ahead, you'll leave here loving your casual basics more than you ever have. Whether it's your leggings, blazers, or jeans, get ready for some of your most forgotten about pieces to become your most favorite. 

Casual Outfits



The Basics: Blazer + Leggings + Sneakers 

The Styling Tip: Add some polish to your go-to workout look with the quick addition of an oversized blazer. 

The Basics: Graphic T-Shirt + Jeans + Sneakers 

The Styling Tip: Go for a cool untucked T-shirt moment with loose jeans and a simple necklace. Trust me, this just might be your most comfortable denim look yet. 

Casual Outfits



The Basics: Blazer + White Tank Top + Trousers 

The Styling Tip: Create a casual suiting look via a mismatched blazer and trouser moment and a simple white tank top. 

The Basics: Trench Coat + Sweatshirt + Jean Shorts + Sneakers 

The Styling Tip: Do the unexpected and throw your favorite trench coat over your chill ensemble of a sweatshirt and jean shorts. This will become your new go-to errand-running look in no time.

Casual Outfits



The Basics: Leather Jacket + Trousers + Boots 

The Styling Tip: Grab your biggest leather jacket and wear it with tailored trousers. Contrast the look with chunky boots and a '90s hairstyle.

The Basics: Trench Coat + Sweatsuit + Sneakers

The Styling Tip: Level up your basic sweatsuit and sneaker look with a sharp trench coat and your favorite handbag. 

The Basics: Blazer + Tank Top + Trousers 

The Styling Tip: Use an all-black ensemble as the backdrop for an exciting new piece of jewelry. 

Casual Outfits



The Basics: Button-Down Shirt + Jeans + Boots 

The Styling Tip: Tuck a crisp button-down into your favorite jeans. The look could not be more timeless and the addition of a sturdy boot makes the whole thing feel fresh. 

Casual Outfits



The Basics: White T-Shirt + Trousers + Mules 

The Styling Tip: Keep things simple and wear a simple T-shirt with tailored trousers. A heeled mule will give the look that finished touch it needs. 

The Basics: Tank Top + Black Jeans + Black Heels 

The Styling Tip: One more all-black look before you go because there really is nothing better than a simple tank and jeans. 

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