12 Casual Outfits That Only Require the Basics You Already Own

At this point, you're probably more concerned with shopping for other people than racking up a bunch of new clothes for yourself (cheers to the holiday season!). That also means there's no time like the present to fully embrace and love on the basics you already own. Since we usually think of basics as the building blocks for a more complex outfit, our hope is that this story will help inspire you to reimagine the staples sitting in your closet at this very moment. And the 11 casual outfit ideas ahead will help you see their full potential. 

With working from home still a thing, casual outfits are getting the most play right now, so you'll want to take close notes of the style tips below. Thanks to a group of very stylish people, you'll leave here loving your casual basics more than you ever have. Whether it's your sweatpants, blazers, or jeans, get ready for some of your most under-the-radar pieces to become your new favorites. 

1. Leather Trench Coat+ Distressed Jeans + Colorful Bodysuit

Casual Outfits



The Basics: Leather trench coat, distressed jeans, and a colorful bodysuit.

The Styling Tip: Add some polish to your go-to distressed jeans with the quick addition of a flowing leather trench. 

2. Long-Sleeve Top + Cargo Pants + Puffer Vest + Sneakers

Casual Outfits



The Styling Tip: Go for a relaxed sporty moment with loose utility pants and a sleek puffer vest. Trust me—this just might be your most comfortable look yet. 

3. Oversize Turtleneck + Baggy Jeans + Black Boots

The Styling Tip: Create a polished look via an oversize-turtleneck–and-denim moment and simple black boots. It's an effortless outfit Mary-Kate and Ashley would be proud of. 

4. Black Oversize Blazer  + Black Crew-Neck Sweater + Black Trousers

The Styling Tip: Grab your biggest menswear-inspired blazer and wear it with tailored trousers. Contrast the look with a minimalist bag and '90s sunglasses.

5. White Mohair Sweater + White Trousers + Brown Belt + Loafers

Casual Outfits



The Styling Tip: Find your fuzziest sweater and pair it with creased trousers of a matching tone for a classic monochromatic outfit. This will become your new go-to office look in no time. 

6. Button-Down Shirt + Loose Trousers+ Pointed-Toe Boots

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The Styling Tip: Level up your basic button-down with loose tan pants and your favorite handbag. Keep your jewelry minimal to let the basics do the talking.

7. Shearling Jacket + White Tee + Skinny Jeans 

The Styling Tip: Use a simple T-shirt and skinny jeans as the backdrop for an exciting new winter jacket. 

8. Sweatsuit + Shearling Hat + Sneakers

Casual Outfits



The Styling Tip: Pull out your favorite accessories to amp up a basic sweatsuit. A scarf or chunky jewelry will do, but a fluffy, warm hat is also extremely practical.

9. Cloud Coat + Button-Down Shirt + Boot-Cut Jeans + Boots

The Styling Tip: Cloud coats make everything better, and that rule certainly applies to a button-down and jeans. A pair of heeled boots will give the look that finished touch it needs. 

10. Leather Pants + Cropped Top + Cardigan + Pumps

Casual Outfits



The Styling Tip: For a look that's a little more on the formal side of casual, add a white cropped top or tank to leather trousers and finish it off with a cozy cardigan and dainty pumps.

11. Graphic Hoodie + Flare Jeans + Combat Boots + Shoulder Bag



The Styling Tip: One more cool denim look before you go because there really is nothing better than a fun graphic hoodie and jeans. 

12. Leggings + Sweater-Vest + Button-Down Shirt + Sneakers



The Styling Tip: Leggings can be more than a lazy-day item. Simply style it with a crisp shirt layered underneath a sweater-vest for a preppy take.