The Ideal Sunglasses Shape for Round Faces

Call us crazy, but we think there’s perhaps no more personal of a shopping choice than deciding which sunglasses will sit on your face for all to see. And, as we’ve learned from past experiences, no two frames are created equally, and what may look great on one may look less than glamorous on another. So to help steer our round-face friends in the right direction, we consulted our friends at Raen Eyewear and selected our favorite pairs for your most face-flattering frames yet.

Keep scrolling to find out if you have a round face! Plus, shop the best pairs of sunnies for summer.

To start, figure out your face shape if you don’t already know it. You have a round face if your chin is rounded and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. Think Elizabeth Olsen or Jennifer Lawrence.

Meet the criteria? Consider sunglasses with rectangular frames and angular styles.

"Being a round face myself, I find the best shapes to lean towards are those with rectangular lenses; this offers structure and will refine your look,” says Justin Heit, founder of Raen Eyewear. “Also, I would suggest trying something angular to add some extra style.”

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Valentino Wayfarer Sunglasses ($298)

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