What to Buy Instead of *That* Red Dress That all Your Friends Are Wearing

Has there ever been a dress that’s been Instagrammed quite as many times as the Réalisation Par Alexandra Dress ($255)? We don’t think so. It seems that a rarely a scroll goes by without the dress popping up in our feeds at least once—and we totally understand why. It’s quite possibly the perfect dress. 

The Australian brand was launched in 2015 by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, and it’s certainly had quite the impact, spotted on everyone from Alexa Chung to Bambi Northwood-Blyth. The brand’s signature piece is easily the Alexandra Dress ($255), but we’re also obsessed with the Bianca Top ($180) in silver. It’s so perfect with a pair of vintage Levi’s.

While I’m obsessed with this dress, I feel like I missed the boat. Three girls in my friendship group already have an iMessage thread where they double-check who’s wearing it before weekend hangs. It doesn’t need a fourth member. So while I love it, I’m shopping for a different red dress, so I can still get the same vibes, but not look like their clone. If you’ve missed the boat like me, and all your friends already have this famous dress and you’re after something a little different, click through to shop a different (but just as cool!) red dress and see some of our favourite Alexandra Dress Instagram moments.


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