I'm a Fashion Editor—These Are the Fall Beauty Products I'm Buying on Amazon

Best Amazon beauty products for fall



I've said it before and I'll say it again: What did we ever do without Amazon? I buy a lot of boring stuff on Amazon (lightbulbs and printer ink, anyone?), but one of the most non-boring categories I shop is beauty. As you know, Amazon is chock-full of luxury, drugstore, and obscure beauty products. Your old favorites are probably easy to find, and the inventory is also organized in such a way that it's easy to discover new favorites. (Be sure to check out the best sellers section.) 

Lately, my beauty shopping focus has been on summer pedicure colors, natural self-tanners, and beachy hair wave sprays, but my focus is slowly but surely shifting to slightly more polished beauty products that will help to transition my look into fall. I'm talking hair-smoothing creams, tinted lip balms, wallet-friendly brow pencils, and moisturizing skincare. Keep scrolling to shop the 21 Amazon beauty products this fashion editor is buying for fall.

Just because fall is coming doesn't mean sunscreen season is ending. This lightweight serum consistently gets stellar reviews, and it's just the thing to layer under your makeup.

I have the shimmery version of this product, and based on that, I'm very excited for the release of this new matte version. I can already tell that I'm going to want it in every color, but Midnight Espresso is first on my list.

After months of sun and sand, this cult-favorite treatment is just what the hair doctor ordered. It will repair any damage that was done over the summer and leave you looking like you just got a trim.

I usually buy pricier brow products, but based on the 2000 satisfied Amazon customers that left positive reviews, I'm giving this $6 pencil a try.

My skin tends to dry out as soon as the humidity leaves the air, so this is the next product in the Hydro Boost line I'm setting my sights on. I love a good moisturizing drugstore serum.

My jaw dropped when I came across this pretty rosebud-tinted multipurpose pot. Bonus: Tata Harper's products are all-natural.

I've heard the buzz about this versatile styler, and I think fall is the perfect time to let it work its hair-perfecting wonders.

Not to be dramatic, but these eye drops kind of changed my life. They're instantly whitening and they don't burn a bit (like so many other products on the market do). I plan on stocking up when I place my next Amazon order.

I have no idea what this brand is but the colors in this palette are all really good, and it's the number one best-selling eye shadow on Amazon, with five stars and over 6000 reviews. I'm convinced!

People are always talking about the miracle-working powers of hyaluronic acid, and I'm anxious to try a concentrated form of it via one of my favorite French brands.

I'm hopeless when it comes to styling my hair, but I'm hopeful that this very highly rated tool will rescue me and my neglected locks.

This L'Occitane cream is even more intense than it's OG, and my poor dry hands will take every bit of that added shea butter.

I've used this in the past and have been meaning to re-purchase it. It smells amazing (as all Oribe products do) and leaves my hair soft and smooth every single time I apply it pre–blow-dry.

Sure, this eye cream may seem a little random, but the crazy-good reviews claim that it depuffs, smooths fine lines, and brightens. What more could you want in an eye cream?

The second I saw this gorgeous new Essie color, I knew it had to be mine. Subtle earth tones are a nail polish trend that I hope never dies.

No matter what time of year, your lips can never have too much moisture or sun protection. This one is a cult classic for a reason—it leaves your lips remarkably soft.

This buzzy Australian brand created a mask with every trending ingredient on the market right now (avocado, manuka honey, and avocado oil). Needless to say, it's your ticket to dewy, healthy skin.

Honestly, why spend more on a tinted lip balm when Burt's Bees' iteration gives your lips the perfect pretty glow. I love the Red Dahlia shade for fall.

I love all things matcha, but I always feel the need to give my skin a good scrub when seasons change. This natural exfoliant is said to nourish and reduce inflammation. (Plus, I'm guessing it smells like heaven.)

I'm already a fan of Bioderma products, but I've yet to try this moisturizing toner and am intrigued. The brand says it "retrains the skin to activate its natural moisturizing capacities," which is something I can get behind.

I swore by these affordable hand masks last fall and winter and I plan on stocking up again. I can confirm that it only takes 10 minutes to achieve ultimate hand hydration.