You Know You're Obsessed With ASOS When...

Can't seem to peel yourself away from the ASOS new arrivals section? You're not alone. Since the online-only retailer launched in 2000 (yep, it's almost old enough to legally buy a drink), it's become a regular go-to for fashion girls around the world who are looking for a quick shopping hit. On any day in the Who What Wear Australia office, you can expect to find at least one ASOS parcel (with its iconic black and white packaging), land on our desks. The most recent arrival? These MiH jeans. I ordered them for myself on Friday, and they were here by Monday (can't resist a cropped flare or express shipping). 

Part of ASOS' appeal is that it caters to literally any fashion need you may have. And did you know that when it started, ASOS stood for 'As Seen On Screen'? The goal was to help shoppers find and shop pieces they'd seen on their favourite celebrities. As the site grew in popularity, it started to shift away from its celebrity focus, selling more and more varied fashion items. It's been the ASOS we know and love since 2003, but is ever-evolving. A new rotation of brands is always launching on site, and with more than 80,000 ASOS branded items, you can scroll for hours on end, adding to cart.

Which brings me to the topic of today's discussion. The ASOS shopping addiction. After a quick survey around the office, everyone agreed that it's basically a real thing.

Keep scrolling to discover what we think are signs that you might have an ASOS shopping addiction. (And P.S., we don't blame you.) 

It's not unusual for a package to arrive on your doorstep every day

You know that watching the 'live view' is the best way to see product

You don't remember the last time you shopped anywhere else

You visit ASOS when you're happy/hungry/bored

You stay home with your iPad when ASOS has a flash sale

You have the ASOS app, and follow the brand on all social media accounts

You know exactly how to find what you're looking for (skirts - midi - black)

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Amanda Bardas