These Are the Only Shoes to Wear With the Summer Pant That's Everywhere

shoes to wear with khakis


The Style Stalker

If I'm wearing pants, you can pretty much bet that I'm wearing vintage mom jeans. They're a classic staple in my closet, and I was convinced there was no alternative as versatile and practical. As NYC continues to heat up, however, I have had to consider the possibility that perhaps my thick, rigid jeans aren't the most ideal choice for my environment. When Kate Middleton stepped out in a pair of wide-legged khakis and paired them with white Superga sneakers (my shoe of choice in the summer), I knew I had found a new-and-improved replacement. 

I had shied away from the trend in the past as I was never sure how to style the pant without going all the way combat by pairing them with my Dr. Martens. After seeing Kate Middleton's casual but chic look, however, I became inspired and a whole world of opportunity opened up. The truth is, there are more possibilities than looking like you're going to the military, or alternatively like you're about to garden in your backyard. Keep reading for the best shoes to wear with your khakis so you too can keep it classy like Kate.


Birkenstocks take your khakis from "dad" to "cool dad," and that's quite the feat.

White Sneakers

Sneakers paired with khakis keep it casual and comfortable.

Slingback Heels

Choose a pair of slingbacks to make the look utterly polished and office-ready.


Loafers, you just can't go wrong with them no matter the pant style. Worn with khakis, they're classic style perfection.

White Ankle Boots

Fashion girls know that adding a white shoe immediately gives any outfit a much more forward appeal, and white ankle boots are the epitome of this.

Neutral Sandals

For hot summer days, choose a pair of leather slides in a neutral color like tan or beige that complements the pant's neutral tones.