These Are the Best Shoes to Wear With Jumpsuits, Period


(Image credit: @thevisuelofgrace)

Jumpsuits will forever be one of our favorite all-in-one pieces. Sure, things can get awkward when you go to the bathroom and suddenly it’s just you and your birthday suit, but nothing beats how cool and effortless they look before and after that chilly moment. Of course, as is often the case, it all comes down to the right pair of shoes.

As much as we love a good pastel-colored jumpsuit à la Glossier's showroom, a denim jumpsuit that’s perfect for any occasion, or a trendy sport-inspired one, each of them can go from fashion girl to plumber, mechanic, or painter in an instant without the right accessories. So if those aren’t the looks (or costumes) you’re going for, and you love a good jumpsuit like we do, this post is for you.

From colorful kicks and pointed-toe mules to sleek and chunky booties to slip-on sandals, there’s a shoe style for every jumpsuit in your wardrobe. We’ve rounded up a few foolproof shoe styles to wear with a jumpsuit.


Want comfort but still want to elevate your jumpsuit look? Boots are the way to go. Whether sleek or chunky, they will take you places—and look great doing it.


If you want to dress down your jumpsuit, sneakers will get the job done. However, instead of opting for classic white and black pairs, we suggest you keep it cool with fun colorways.


Mules are where sandals and boots meet. They're a perfect happy medium to make a jumpsuit look effortlessly chic.


Going to wear a jumpsuit for your weekend brunch? Not only will sandals save your look if you snoozed your alarm and need to head out fast, but whether they're flat, have a chunky heel, or hit that kitten-heel height, they will never look out of place.

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