I Did the Research: These 30 Shoes Go With Literally Everything

shoes that go with everything



There's no part of my closet I'm pickier with than my shoes. As much as I Iove shopping for them, the reality is that I end up wearing my favorite few pairs over and over again and as such, I need every pair in my closet to really go the mile. The right footwear is arguably one of the key accessories to consider when getting dressed, so I tend to take my time vetting my options before making any purchases.

I recently sat down to do just that and dove into the best versatile shoes in existence. Whether it's a casual jeans-and-a-tee fit or something more elevated like a slip dress, I've done the legwork (AKA scrolled for hours on Instagram for styling inspiration), and I've come to the conclusion that the 20 shoe styles you're about to see here are the wisest investments you can make for your footwear collection.

White Court Sneakers



Clean and classic, a pair of white leather court sneakers is such a wise investment.

Black Heeled Ankle Boots



Is any wardrobe complete without a pair? I suggest opting for a pair with a walkable heel (block heels are always a sure bet), and you'll always reach for them first.

Classic Ballet Flats

Fans of French style are already well aware, but it really doesn't get any more timeless than a pair of pretty ballet flats, regardless of whether they're officially trending or not.

Simple Slide Sandals



Speaking of French style, another highly versatile pair you'll find in all their closets are simple leather slide sandals, which they wear with everything from denim shorts to trousers to dresses.

Structured Knee-High Boots



Speaking from personal experience, structured knee-highs are one of the best shoe investments you can make. I wear mine multiple times a week, and I'm especially into them with miniskirts.

Neutral Strappy Heels

The holy grail of versatile shoes has to be neutral strappy heels. The heel height, specific color, and style don't matter, as long as they go with your style and wardrobe staples.

Pointed-Toe Pumps



Talk about timeless. I don't think a pair of pointed-toe pumps will ever feel irrelevant. They're perpetually chic and polished—yep, even with jeans and a tee.

Black Penny Loafers



Loafers have skyrocketed in popularity in recent seasons, but make no mistake that the menswear-inspired flats deserve a spot on your forever wardrobe.

Cowboy Boots



Some may disagree here, but I'm adding Western boots to my list of versatile footwear. I've seen fashion folks wear theirs with enough cool ensembles including underneath dresses and with jeans tucked in to convince me of their utility.

Heeled Thong Sandals



Calling all minimalists: Heeled thongs are the wear-everywhere shoes your closet needs. Whether you go for The Row or Mango, look for a simple black pair with thin straps for the most value.

Retro Sneakers



Throwback sneakers are the shoe "trend" that's proven to be more of a basic than a fleeting seasonal style becuase their flat soles and clean shape make them look good with any number of outfits from athleisure to suiting.

Pointed-Toe Slingbacks



Pointed-toe slingbacks add a polished finish to everything from jeans to cocktail attire.

Combat Boots



Try the punk staple with tailoring for a cool contrast or lean into the tough vibe with jeans and a leather jacket.

Canvas High-Top Sneakers



The fashion set has also confirmed Converse, or really any canvas high-tops, are an ultra-versatile sneaker option. 

Espadrille Wedges

There's a reason espadrilles come back around every summer—they're just the "that girl" of warm-weather footwear.

Chunky Sandals



Sporty sandals with Velcro straps and lug soles are trendy but surprisingly useful.

Flatform Clogs



If you're looking for non-basic flats to wear with all your casual outfits, I suggest a pair of clogs with a lifted sole.

Ankle-Tie Heels



Wedding guest ensembles, cocktail attire, and date night—ankle-tie heels are the sultry shoes you'll always look extra elevated in, no matter the occasion.

"Barbie" Heels

"Barbie" heels, aka PVC platforms with a neutral sole, are made to look like they're not there at all, making it impossible for them to clash with anything.

Chelsea Boots



Meet the ankle boots you'll wear nonstop from October to April. Flat Chelsea boots, especially in black, are like the white T-shirt of footwear. They're staples.

Square-Toe Mules

If fashion people are wearing heels, there's a good chance they're square-toe mules. 

Patent Mary-Janes



Platform Mary Janes will actually take you so far. French girls are really on to something with their classic shoes.

Kitten-Heel Sandals

Any shoes that both make your outfits look more elevated and are actually comfortable to walk in are an immediate yes from me. Hence my fellow editors and I are all fans of kitten heel sandals.

Platform Flip-Flops



Shout-out to The Row's Ginza sandals for putting the Y2K shoes back on the map and proving just how many ways there are to wear platform flip-flops.

PVC Heels

Since PVC heels are mostly clear, you know they'll hardly clash with anything you wear them with and therefore rank high on our versatility scale.

Block-Heel Mules



As I mentioned before, the more walkable, the better, and block-heel mules are about as walkable as it gets after flats.

Sleek Wedges



Yep, wedges are coming back, and they're shocking us with how many ways there are to style them. Look for sleek and minimalist pairs in neutral tones.

Metallic Heels



Since metallic goes with nothing, it goes with everything. That's the rule with metallic heels, which are a great staple to have in your closet because they'll go with almost any color or print.


The menswear-inspired shoes are a cool alternative to simple flats.

Fisherman Sandals



Part sandal, part flat, fisherman shoes are the 2022 staple fashion people are serving up plenty of styling ideas with.