These Shoes Are Out in 2017, According to Experts

We all have those standby shoes we rely on day in and day out. You know what we're talking about—those timeless black pumps you wear to feel powerful at work, that cool set of white sneakers you essentially live in on the weekend, and so on. While there's no reason to give up your must-haves, why not switch it up a bit this year to keep your footwear game fresh and current? But we get it, the issue can certainly be deciphering which styles are actually worth testing out.

To help zero-in on the trends that are in and out right now, we tapped some of our favorite shoe designers in the business to spill on everything you should toss and try ASAP. Some of these picks may surprise you, and others may be totally right up your alley.

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"For 2017, it’s all about unexpected details in footwear—the fun of cracked metallics, white boots, and little embellishments. Shoes are becoming more playful! I see velvet and metallics continuing to be a trend, and a heavier lean into platforms and block heels."


"I’m finding that more people are steering clear of basic silhouettes and black shoes. They want a bit more excitement in their closets."



"Simple, sleek sneakers are still very much a trend, and I don’t think it is going anywhere. It really adds style to any outfit."


"Peep-toe pumps and mid-wedges are too heavy and uncomfortable!”



"The movement toward comfort continues this year. Look for a clean silhouette for fail-safe looks through winter and into spring."



"Thanks to our Frontline sandal, we are actually taking the shoe that is 'out' and making it 'in' again. I designed the Frontline because I was over strappy sandals—they all looked dated and done to death. When I thought about what women (myself included) wanted, I started designing a pair that was modern and sleek."

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"Great classic flats revisited. Mules, moccasins, slip-ons, and lace-ups, all worn in an unexpected way. Pair them with a long skirt, mini dress, wide-leg pants, or an evening dress. It is all about the body language and looking and feeling comfortable."


"The expected. Sexy heels with a sexy dress, for example. Predictability feels out."



"I think subtle metallic finishes will be popular with evening heels in particular this season. Warm rose gold and platinum silver tones in Nappa offer a fresh, softer take on more traditional metallics."


"Studs and very heavy metal components on heels are looking a bit overdone."

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