6 Shoes You Must Own If You Have Simple Style

If you use words like "easy," "chill," and "pared-down" to describe the contents in your closet, your personal style could probably be summed up as simple. Despite what some may say, this in no way means your vibe is boring—quite the contrary in fact. A person with simple style generally has a wardrobe filled with quality basics, including a few fun pieces sprinkled in here and there. When it comes to your shoe offering, specifically, there are actually a few key silhouettes that are crucial to complement those effortless pieces. These footwear staples are timeless and are versatile enough to go with any look. Keep scrolling to check out the shoes in question with a little visual and shopping inspiration to build out the ultimate simple style closet.

1. Flat Mules
Stylish Outfits with flat mules



While ballet flats are also a go-to, a pair of flat mules feel modern for a laid-back yet polished look.

2. Strappy Heels
Stylish Outfits with strappy sandals



A simple pair of strappy sandals is the ultimate spring and summer silhouette to tie an easy and forward ensemble together.

3. Chunky Boots
Stylish Outfits with black boots



Combat-esque boots bring a cool twist to any simple outfit. 

4. Black Pumps
Stylish Outfits with black heels



This may seem like a no-brainer, but every woman needs a classic pair of black stilettos in her arsenal. They work with everything.

5. Fresh Sneakers
Stylish Outfits with white sneakers



When it comes to sneakers, a clean set of leather trainers will be your best bet to complement your chill ensembles.

6. White Booties
Stylish Outfits with white booties



Yes, black ankle boots will always be a staple, but white booties are a must as well to elevate your looks.