7 Shoe Bags for Travel That Will Keep Your Items Spotless


(Image credit: The Fancy Pants Report)

You’re an adult now, which means two things: 1. No one can stop you from having dessert for breakfast. 2. It’s time to start packing your favorite shoes in something other than plastic grocery bags. To help you achieve the latter, we’ve tracked down a few of the absolute best travel shoe bags. In addition to keeping your shoes (and everything else in your carry-on) clean, these bags can also be used when planning a quick change at work or for toting a second pair of shoes back and forth from the gym. Read on for a few styles that are definitely worth giving a try.

YaMiu Shoe Bags

For cute, simple design, it’s almost impossible to beat these easy-to-use shoe bags from YaMiu. They come in multiple sizes, so you can stow not only your running shoes and ballet flats but also larger boots and high heels. The drawstring design makes these easy to both store and carry, and the shape of the bags makes it super simple to lay shoes flat when packing.

eBags Shoe Bags

If serious, beautifully organized packing is your speed, then these heavy-duty bags from eBags make the perfect shoe bags for travel. These shoe sleeves come in a variety of vibrant colors and are made from an durable nylon, perfect for protecting your shoes from the elements.

Misslo Portable Travel Nylon Shoe Bags

For a fantastic travel hack that’s also easy on your wallet, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than Misslo’s multipack of shoe bags for travel. According to Amazon reviewer Conway Brew, “These bags are great for my work travel and keep anything that might have gotten on my shoes from getting into my bag or suitcase. I recommend these bags for anyone who travels with multiple pairs of shoes.”

Bagail Travel Shoe Bags

Another brilliant, budget-friendly option is to be found from Bagail. These shoe bags are made of waterproof nylon and are incredibly lightweight, meaning they won’t bulk up your suitcase (and are easy to pack empty if you plan to go shopping on your trip). We love how versatile these are, and they can be used for a variety of applications.

Zmart Portable Travel Shoe Bags

These adorably patterned shoe bags are a must for anyone who likes to travel in style. They’re also remarkably easy to use, with a collapsible shape and weatherproof materials to keep shoes safe and dry. As a bonus, these aren’t just great shoe bags for travel; they’re also an excellent way to keep shoes organized in your closet at home.

Earthwise Shoe Storage Bags

Made in Los Angeles using high-quality 100% cotton, Earthwise shoe bags are the perfect fix for the eco-friendly traveler. While they aren’t waterproof, they do allow shoes to breathe and are easy to clean and store at the end of your journey. A soft drawstring design makes them simple to pack, and we also love them for organizing phone chargers and toiletries.

Shooin EZ-Pack Expandable Shoe Bags for Travel

Once your trip has come to a close, one of the biggest challenges is keeping your shoe bags clean. Enter these soft, durable shoe bags from Shooin, which are not only easy to travel with but also fully machine-washable. According to reviewer Carmen Lawson, “If you like your luggage and travel bags neat and tidy, you must get your arsenal of Shooin Bags! The material for the Shooin Bag is so soft. … These are a must-have for the serious globetrotter.”

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