I'm Obsessed With '90s Makeup, so I Created My Own Supermodel-Worthy Mascara


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Supermodels are smack dab in the center of the beauty industry. Think about it: they're the ones who regularly work with experts (AKA top hairstylists and makeup artists), use the latest products, and model the trendiest looks. It's no surprise then, that supermodel and SALA Co-Founder, Shanina Shaik, is so fluent in the space. All it takes is one look at her favorite skincare, hair care, and makeup products, and one thing becomes abundantly clear: she's an expert in her own right. 

Her love of beauty and wellness developed over the course of many years. It also developed more out of necessity than anything else; a busy schedule and constant traveling—demanding hallmarks of the supermodel title—took their toll. "The results of overworking affected my mental health and physical appearance," she says. "Beauty and wellness is having the connection with yourself to listen to what your body and emotional self needs."


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With this experience in mind, plus a deep love for nostalgic 90s beauty looks, Shaik explored something new—launching her own brand. "When I was 22 I knew I wanted to create a beauty brand," she says."It’s been a passion of mine for so many years! I’ve created Pinterest mood boards, spoken to influential expert estheticians, and researched what works for aging skin. My aim is to create SALA as the most trusted beauty brand with clean and cruelty-free formulas sourced from Korean beauty labs...I want my customers to feel happy, confident, and alive!" 

The brand's first product, which just launched last month, is a modern mascara that pays homage to the iconic 90s lash look of supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and more. She says it's the "perfect" mascara and one she "can't live without." It might be the brand's first and only product for now, but we can expect more where that came from...In the meantime, we're shopping for all Shaik's best beauty recommendations.

Shanina Shaik's Beauty Essentials

Kaitlyn McLintock
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