The "Bad Girl" Fashion Era Is Peaking: 7 Outfits That Prove It

When Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad album dropped, no black corset or edgy bob cut was safe. Rihanna's transformation from a fresh-faced girl next door to an It girl siren felt like a dramatic shift out of nowhere and the whole world took notice. Right about now, there's a similar moment happening in fashion. While LBDs and stilettos have always been a regular part of the It-girl style diet, looking at the crowd of designers who have put their full weight behind underwear-exposing pieces, and skin-tight bodysuits, it feels like a very defined shift towards the risqué side of things. There's no buzzy, collective name for it, but with the influx of see-through statement dresses and sky-high revenge heels, I've taken to calling it the "bad girl" fashion era.

Just looking at the warm reception of Saint Laurent and Alaïa's spring/summer 2023 offerings, it's pretty evident that showing skin is in. While the "bad girl" aesthetic is multifaceted, the general approach is to stick with skin-exposing cutouts or underwear-revealing garments in shades of black. For those daring enough to take on the trend, I've compiled a list of seven amazing outfits to reference to get the seductive mood right. Keep clicking for the best in show when it comes to bad-girl fashion.



While showing skin is a big feature of the trend, it's not all about aggressive cutouts and micro minidresses. Here's a way to pull it off with the help of sleek leather statement pieces. Throw in an over-the-top crystal necklace, and you're the main character. 

Playing on the emerging rosette choker trend, this outfit pulls double duty as a special occasion party look, or an ensemble for a night out with friends.



Here's a prime example of why classic outfit formulas should always stay in your guidebook: this look is only comprised of an LBD and pumps, but it's no less impactful.



For the brave souls willing to take on the pantsless movement currently gripping the fashion crowd, you'll want to note the impeccable platform pump and turtleneck combo here. After all, aren't tights and a turtleneck really just makeshift bodysuit?

A shrug layered over a black minidress is the combo I didn't know that I needed, and after seeing this, I'm definitely convinced. To create more of an air of grandeur, style it with a dramatic choker. 

Although this exact dress is vintage, thankfully, it's the season of see-through maxi dresses, and several equally seductive options exist on the market. Just make sure your undergarments are of the best quality.

The everyday approach to interpreting bad-girl fashion includes a pair of sleek slingbacks, skintight leggings, and an infinitely cool biker jacket.