All the Controversial Fashion Trends Celebrities Are Suddenly Into in 2022

Celebrities are always prone to making a statement with their fashion choices, but 2022 has undoubtedly been a big year for controversial trends. It seems like every week there's a new look that creates a stir on the internet. And while it first started with the return of low-rise waists, more equally divisive trends have followed suit. Everything from completely sheer dresses to sky-high platforms has gotten the Hollywood stamp of approval. Sure, these trends may not be everyone's idea of what's "fashionable," but they certainly have captured our attention.

Below, we've rounded up seven celebrity-backed trends that steer far away from the world of basics. And never say never, because you may even get inspired to give one of the styles below a shot in your wardrobe. After all, it'll get people talking. Don't believe us? Just keep scrolling, even if it is out of sheer curiosity. 

Sheer Dresses


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There are many "safe" dresses in the world, but celebrities are reaching for the risqué ones. Transparent lace and fabrics have graced the runways of Nensi Dojaka, Versace, and Tory Burch, to name a few. Our prediction is that the trend will only see more popularity in 2023. 

Sky-High Platforms


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In fashion, there's always balance. While we've been talking about our love for ballet flats and comfy shoes, we also love the opposing (and more intimidating) style. Despite how scary platform heels look, we've found they can end up being way more comfortable than a stiletto or kitten heel. Valentino and Versace have definitely made their points.

Ultra-Low Rises


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We'll never fully let go of our high-rise jeans, but the low-rise trend has gained a speedy momentum this past year. Who would've thought the '00s would have this strong of a revival? 

Going Pants-less


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Going pants-less is definitely a risky move, but as we said, celebrities aren't afraid. And if it's too much for you to wear only briefs, follow in Miu Miu's lead with a peekaboo detail.

Parachute Pants


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Whether you call them parachute or balloon pants, there's no denying that bigger is better in the pant world currently. If you're going to try one of the trends in this list, you might as well opt for the comfiest one of them all. 



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Wedges haven't seen mainstream popularity for at least a decade, but the tides have turned in 2022. Brands on both ends of the price spectrum have gotten on board, from Jimmy Choo to Zara.

Pant Boots


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Balenciaga and Kim Kardashian are really trying to make a case for "pant boots." I think it's finally starting to grow on people, as we've already spotted the fashion set on TikTok giving the tricky trend a try.

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