I Think These 8 Outfits Are Sexy, Elevated, & Chic, so I'll Copy Them This Fall

While summer is known for being the season to wear all of the "sexy" outfits in your closet, don't sleep on fall. A classic case of "more is less" leads to me nominate fall as the sexiest season of the year. Showing a little skin with an unbuttoned cardigan or off-the-shoulder sweater is somehow more intriguing to me than baring it all in the summer heat. 

As I was reviewing my constantly growing collection of outfits I'm dying to copy, I noticed a common theme as my favorite fashion people began their transition into fall: I found all their autumnal outfits to be elevated and sexy. Below, find eight outfits that will show you exactly what I'm talking about.

Sexy fall outfits 2022



Let's start with something easy. By now, most of us likely have a good basic top and cargo pants. Adding a pair of heels and a bit of sass elevates the outfit.

Shop the look:

I'm behind on my tube-top game and need a new one ASAP.

Sexy fall outfits for daytime



Making traditionally "bro tanks" our own is one of the best ideas fashion designers have ever given us. Menswear-inspired pieces bring on the ultimate sex appeal.

Shop the look:

Never underestimate the power of a logo tank.

Loose denim is all I'm wearing this fall.

Top it off with a chunky necklace, and you can't lose.

Sexy fall outfits



One item that's known for making a statement is the power suit. You'll never feel more confident than when you slip a classic set like this on. I'm inspired by just looking at it.

Shop the look:

With just a lace bralette underneath, this suit will make quite the statement.

I'd wear these pants in more ways than one.

Sexy and trendy fall outfits



Who knew a cardigan and pants could look this good? This effortless combo is perfect for a night out when you style it right.

Shop the look:

Only button a few buttons to get this cardigan look.

A classic accessory we need to know about.

I'm swapping my blue jeans for blue leather pants.



This story can't go on without giving an honorable mention to the power that a knit maxi dress can hold, especially when there are cutouts involved. At this point, I'm naming it a wardrobe staple.

This is a dress you can wear on repeat.

This sandal is my current obsession.

If you hate low-rise, hear me out. It's easier said than done, but I've had a fair number of experiences when I was feeling nervous to wear low-rise, but once you have it on, you'll never feel better.

Shop the look:



Every time I put on a leather jacket, my inner villain comes out to play in the best of ways. This is the staple I'm convincing everyone to buy this season, and you're next. It's a must.

A maxi dress that hugs you in all the right places is something I think everyone needs for fall. Pair any dress that has a leg slit with knee-high boots, and you'll look and feel amazing.

I won't sleep until I have this at home.