These 28 At-Home Beauty Treatments Are Temporarily Cheap at Sephora

Hello, friends! It's me, your friendly neighborhood beauty editor here to brighten your day with my favorite kind of news: beauty product discounts. That's right. The Sephora Spring Savings Event is finally here, and it's officially time for VIB Members to get in on the action. You may have noticed that Sephora Rouge members got first access to the event last week, but starting today, April 21,  VIB members can cash in 15% savings on the skincare, hair, nail, and makeup products occupying precious space on those XL beauty wish lists.  

Whether or not you fancy yourself a big beauty spender, this event couldn't come at a better time. Since at-home beauty treatments are, well, the only beauty treatments we'll be able to enjoy for a while, this savings opportunity is perfect for stocking up on everything needed for carrying out at-home facials, manicures, hair therapy, and even Zoom-ready makeup looks. All you need to do is use the code SPRINGSAVE at checkout to save big. And remember, VIB members can redeem this code an unlimited number of times between now and April 29, online only. So don't panic, but don't dillydally, either.

Ahead, I found the 28 must-haves to turn your home into a beauty haven. Happy shopping!

For at-home facials:

The Best At-Home Facial Products at Sephora



If you've ever had a professional facial, then you know that steam is an essential component that skin experts use to open pores and loosen up impurities ahead of removal. This professional-grade steamer does just that while also infusing the skin with hydration via micro-steam. This is definitely a must-have for pro-level facials at home.

This high-quality cleanser employs cold-pressed antioxidants and phytonutrients from cruciferous vegetables like kale and spinach to remove makeup and impurities, all while keeping the skin’s pH balanced. The result is deeply cleansed skin that's supple and hydrated—never stripped.

This pulsating facial-cleansing device not only helps to gently and hygienically remove dirt and sweat from deep within the pores, but the T-sonic pulses also deliver a soothing facial massage to alleviate muscular tension. 

These facial cotton pads are a tiny luxury that really elevate the entire skincare process. And, yes, they're different than your run-of-the-mill cotton squares. They're the softest things you'll ever touch, and the tactile experience of running these across your face versus a standard cotton pad will make you re-evaluate all your life choices. 

There's honestly nothing better than a charcoal face mask to make you feel like you've got your life together. This mask is great for refreshing those zones like your nose and chin that become more congested than other areas of your face.

These two-step peel pads are the perfect chemical component to an at-home facial. Even when done alone, these expertly formulated AHA/BHA peels immediately reveal bright, glowy skin. Celebrity facialist Shani Darden swears by their anti-aging benefits.

Dull, dry skin got you down? This oil-free, hydrating gel-cream will get you sorted. It's packed with lady's mantle, ceramides, and glycerine to nurture the skin and help it retain moisture.

This vitamin C– and-collagen-rich eye cream is the perfect solve for dull, creasy under-eyes. It's lightweight, but a little goes a long way.

These cooling globes offer even more de-puffing action for your under-eyes or anywhere else on your face. Keep them in the refrigerator so they're always ready to deliver a soothing jolt.

I'm still obsessed with the original offering from Summer Fridays. It's the perfect overnight mask for combating dryness. I like to layer it on top of a dry skin oil to create an ultra-hydrating treatment for tired skin.

You can't carry out a full-on facial without sealing in moisture on your lips at the end, and this berry-flavored lip mask is just the salve for the job. It's thick but somehow not annoyingly sticky. And, sure, it's called a sleeping mask, but you can definitely wear it as a daily lip balm to care for dry, cracked lips.

For professional-looking manicures:

The Best At-Home Manicure Supplies at Sephora



This mini manicure kit is perfect for keeping your nails neatly groomed. It comes with everything you'll need to maintain your preferred length, perfect your shape, and clean up your cuticles.

I'm always open to nail-nurturing products, and reviewers claim this keratin-infused base coat is among the best. Many call out its strengthening benefits and say it's helped them grow out nails weakened by acrylics, excessive handwashing, and more.

Just because no one will be seeing our nails for a while doesn't mean we have to settle for boring nail polish. These peachy tones are not just mood-boosting but totally on trend.

This dry shea butter nail oil is another hydration-inducing product that will help mitigate the drying effects of washing your hands every five minutes. 

Apply this thick hand salve at night, and you'll wake to softer hands. 

A great manicure starts with healthy nails. This plant-based biotin supplement is ideal for those with weak, brittle, or otherwise compromised nails. One capsule daily promises to promotes cell growth via water-soluble biotin. 

For salon-worthy wash days:

The Best Hair Wash Day Supplies at Sephora



If stronger, shinier hair is your goal, then Virtue is a brand you need to know about. Celebrity hairstylists and colorists are constantly calling it out as the ultimate haircare line for its advanced alpha keratin complex that helps reveal shiny, healthier tresses.

If you're using this time to rehab damaged hair, you absolutely need to give the Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 a try. It was the first of the professional Olaplex system to be sold to the masses for a reason: It's the ultimate bond-building treatment for anyone dealing with broken disulfide bonds from chemical, thermal, and mechanical hair damage.

This multitasking dry oil is meant to help strengthen the hair from the inside out with ceramides, macadamia nut, and rose flower oil. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and used as a leave-in oil treatment or styling oil. Either way, it promises more hydrates, smoother, and frizz-free hair.

This new scalp scrub from skincare favorite Drunk Elephant is the wash-day necessity I didn't even know I needed. The lightweight AHA/BHA acid blend dissolves dead skin cells and product buildup, then gentle exfoliating beads slough them away. Plus, the long, tapered dispensing spout makes it super easy to navigate through even the thickest hair textures to concentrate the formula on your scalp. Anyone struggling with dryness, itching, or flaking should give it a try. 

For artist-approved makeup looks:

The Best WFH Makeup at Sephora



If you're sick of showing up to your Zoom meetings with a bare, sad-looking mug, then this tinted serum is the perfect product to step your game up. It's lightweight and hydrating on the skin and provides just enough coverage to even out the complexion without leaving you looking too "done." No-makeup makeup starts here.

This creamy, medium-coverage concealer is another no-makeup makeup staple. It's lightweight, soft, stretchy, and creamy, making it an ideal under-eye concealer for all skin types, including mature skin with signs of aging. It also has arnica, caffeine, and collagen peptides for added skin-conditioning benefits.

I've never met a makeup artist or beauty editor who wasn't deeply in love with this setting powder. It's just the best. 

Now is the time to practice your winged eyeliner. This inky black option from KVD Vegan Beauty is beautifully black and glides on so smoothly.

This mini lipstick set is perfect for those who don't wear lipstick often but like to keep a solid option on deck. This best-selling shade is a favorite of artists and editors and creates the prettiest blush tone ever.

If you haven't historically been diligent about cleaning your makeup sponges, now is the time to get it together. This solid cleanser comes with a ridged, silicone grip to make the laundering process even more thorough.

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