Second Life Podcast: How Shiona Turini Fearlessly Navigated 2 Career Changes

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Second Life podcast with Shiona Turini


Courtesy of Shiona Turini  for Second Life

For most people, finding the fearlessness and ambition to make one major career move in their lives is noteworthy. Shiona Turini has already navigated two such career pivots, and we get the idea she's only just begun. A fashion industry veteran, Turini has the kind of stacked résumé that anyone with a dream of working in fashion envies. She got her start in PR at YSL where she quite literally got her foot in the door as an intern-turned-hire. "I just packed my bags, moved to New York, and showed up at that office," she shared, "I showed up three days in a row until finally, I think, I wore them down."

It's the type of persistence Turini possesses that has allowed her to propel into previously uncharted territory. After YSL, she moved into the editorial world, where she cut her teeth as an accessories editor at W Magazine and accessories director at Teen Vogue and then fashion market director at CR Fashion Book and Cosmopolitan. But this is all before navigating her way into freelance styling—and once more to her current role as costume designer for the acclaimed HBO series Insecure.

Listen to Episode 50 of Second Life to find out how Turini navigated the transition into freelance styling, and once more into costume design, and the important lessons she's learned along the way.

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