The Woman Behind L.A.'s LEKFit Workout Craze

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Lauren Kleban on Second Life podcast


Second Life

Los Angeles has seen its fair share of fitness crazes take off over the years, but few have a reputation for being as fun, effective, and successful as LEKFit. Founded by celebrity fitness instructor Lauren Kleban in 2016, LEKFit is a musically driven, dance-based, full-body workout consisting of two class types: Bounce (utilizing trampolines) and Sculpt (utilizing mats). (And if you're not in the L.A. area, digital classes can be streamed for $20 a month.)

As is always the case with Second Life, Kleban didn't initially set out to create L.A.'s next big fitness obsession. She started dancing at a young age but ended up leaving that path to move up the ranks at Abercrombie & Fitch. Eventually, Kleban was figuratively bitten by the dance bug again when she started taking burlesque dance classes. She moved to Las Vegas to pursue her passion for dance again, working as a showgirl, which lead to choreographing shows.

Kleban's next move was to Los Angeles, where she worked in nightlife and danced professionally before eventually teaching classes and developing her signature Bounce class. The first incarnation of LEKFit, which Kleban self-funded, was out of her garage. Now, just three years later, she's opening a 6000-square-foot flagship space this summer, boasts a devoted client base (which includes celebrities like Busy Philipps and Emmy Rossum), and has plans for expansion.

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