How Éva Goicochea, Founder of Intimacy Brand Maude, Is Modernizing The Industry

Second Life Podcast:  Éva Goicochea


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In 2018, Éva Goicochea changed the sexual-wellness industry forever. It was the year that she launched Maude, a brand that has reimagined sexual essentials through thoughtfully made intimacy products. As the founder and CEO of the company, Goicochea aims to create a new chapter within the industry—one that is not outdated, confusing, or exclusive. Thus, Maude is a company built around quality, simplicity, and inclusivity. Goicochea has curated a selection of essentials that are not only efficacious but that are also incredibly chic in their well-designed packaging and appearance, gaining the attention of the modern consumer who craves products with “shelf appeal.”

Two years after the founding of the company, Dakota Johnson joined the team as an investor and co-creative director alongside Goicochea. Goicochea has also become one of 10 Latinx female founders to raise over $10M in venture funding. With a strong, dedicated team, Goicochea and Johnson are on a journey to continue to evolve and define modern intimacy, which, for them, truly means that all people are welcome. “In order to shift culture and create a better industry, I felt that it was imperative to bridge the gap and create a company that speaks to all people,” explains Goicochea.

Éva Goicochea Second Life Podcast


Sharon Radisch for Maude

However, before Goicochea became a trailblazer in the sexual-wellness industry, she spent her early career as a legislative aide in healthcare and then worked in marketing and branding for a decade with forward-thinking companies such as Everlane and Josie Maran. Goicochea impressively received a certificate in entrepreneurship essentials at Harvard Business School Online before officially launching Maude.

Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Goicochea was able to merge her past career experiences to build a brand that pushes the industry boundaries and encourages a healthy, everyday approach to intimacy.

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