How Ara Katz of Seed Health Is Revolutionizing Gut Health


(Image credit: Courtesy of Seed Health)

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There is a common wellness declaration that your overall health begins in your gut — and it’s true. Ara Katz, the co-founder and co-CEO of microbiome science company Seed Health, is one of the biggest gut health advocates proving the science behind the importance of gut health through pioneering innovations in probiotics and living medicines. Katz launched Seed Health in 2015 with the mission to set a new standard for gut health by defining the direct correlation between what goes on in your gut and how it affects the body’s overall health, including your skin, heart, digestion, and more.

Seed Health’s hero product, the Daily Synbiotic, is a two-in-one daily capsule containing both a probiotic and prebiotic to support gut health that has completely revolutionized the daily prebiotic supplement. And last year, Katz impressively raised 40 million dollars in seed funding, which she’s using to expand clinical research and global distribution. But, as Katz continues to be at the helm of a company that stands at the intersection of health, consumer tech, media, and design, it may come as a surprise that her first career life was in a completely different industry. Prior to starting her own science company, Katz co-founded the mobile-commerce startup Spring, which was backed by LVMH, where she helped launch ApplePay on the iPhone.

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