Meet Allison Conrad: The Founder & CEO of Arey Changing the Haircare Industry


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Allison Conrad has made an entirely new category within the haircare industry: anti-aging support for hair. Conrad founded Arey, aka "the wrinkle cream of haircare," alongside her longtime hairdresser, Jay Small, with the goal to proactively impact aging hair. In 2020, the two launched the company with a single supplement to support natural hair color, and three years later, Arey now has a dynamic assortment of science-driven shampoo, conditioner, and styling products formulated with vitamins, antioxidants, and a clinically efficacious peptide, all designed to delay and re-pigment gray hair. 

It doesn’t stop at proactive anti-aging haircare, though. Arey products also help users grow thicker, fuller, healthier hair overall. There’s no denying that Conrad created a new category in the haircare industry, fully understanding that individual haircare journeys are so intimate, and customers feel connected to Arey’s ethos. In fact, the company grew 12 times in the last year alone, amassing over 7000 subscribers with over 70% of the revenue coming from loyal subscribers.

But before Conrad became committed to looking at the aging process of hair through a new lens, she actually began her career at fashion brands like Coach. She even started a side hustle selling made-to-order skirts, ultimately giving her a glimpse into early stage businesses. Conrad then received her MBA at Stanford and went on to grow brands at an impressive rate, including Blushington and Erin Condren, while also consulting and advising consumer companies like Vegamour and Goodmylk before she finally decided to create something of her own.

Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Conrad eventually decided to take the leap and start a haircare brand that not only is making a massive difference but also is a standalone in its category.

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