An Aromatherapist Thinks You Should Have These 5 Candles at Your Desk for Focus

Is it ironic that I procrastinated writing a story about helping people focus? Perhaps, but it's all the more proof of why it's such a relevant topic right now. If you're like me and still working from home, your desk could probably use a bit of a refresher now that we're over 14 months into the pandemic. And even if you're not living the WFH life, who couldn't use a bit of a boost right now? 

I was recently shopping online for candles for my desk and wanted lovely smelling scents that were specifically primed for focus and concentration, but I didn't know where to start. So I tapped Chrissy Cabrera, a certified aromatherapist and the founder of botanical-based brand Naturally London, for her expert advice. Scroll down to read Cabrera's tips and to shop for the best candles for focus.

1. Rosemary

"The most common choice to help concentration is rosemary," Cabrera said. "This essential oil does wonders for mental clarity, sharpens your focus, boosts memory, and increases alertness. Rosemary is a stimulating essential oil that improves overall brain function."

2. Vetiver

"I recommend selecting several scents for a layered effect," Cabera told us. "The base note is vetiver, which has grounding properties. Vetiver essential oil stems from a root that grows downward into the earth alleviating stress and anxiety. Vetiver is a top selection for focus and concentration due to increasing oxygenation to your cells."

3. Lavender

"Vetiver pairs lovelily with lavender, which improves your concentration too. Combine this with its ability to de-stress and alleviate anxiety, and you can see why this oil is a definite pick. Lavender overall helps with memory by calming the mind, allowing it to focus."

4. Jasmine

"Another selection is jasmine. The initial scent of this essential oil lifts your mood. Its aroma is a natural re-energizer, battling mental fatigue and promoting a positive mood. Jasmine has a physiological effect on your body. I don't know about you, but when I'm in a good mood, I'm more focused and get things done."

5. Sweet Orange

"The top note that will bring everything together is sweet orange. It improves alertness and produces a mental boost. Any citrus essential oil can be inserted here, as they all improve cognitive function. This is the first burst of scent you will receive that instantly boosts mental energy levels."