35 Scandi Influencers We Follow Religiously for Fashion Guidance

If I had to summarise what I love about Scandinavian style, it'd be because it feels like Scandi style stars actually wear whatever they want on any given day. It's as though they wake up and say, "The world is yours—put on what you please."

The Scandinavian fashion industry has seen a lot of change over the past few years. With the introduction of cult brands like Ganni, Stine Goya, Cecilie Bahnsen and many more, the overall perception of Scandi style has dramatically shifted. While Scandi has long been presumed to live in the realm of minimalism, many of the influencers have been pioneering of a more dramatic and pretty outrageous approach to personal style, often supporting these new names in doing so.

Take a scroll through the street style photos from recent fashion weeks below, and you're more likely to spot rainbow hues and pattern clashes than head-to-toe black outfits (as one might have once expected).


(Image credit: @hannastefansson)

But as much as the street style is a direct reflection of the changing fashion industry in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, there is also a strong sense of fun behind the originality of Scandi style. The outfit ideas seen across the Scandinavian fashion weeks are hands down my favourite. Be it flip-flops with smock dresses, oversized sneakers with cycling shorts and a massive blazer, or knits and slip skirts, so many major outfit ideas have come from Scandinavian influencers.

Of course, the direct and intimate access to the emerging designer brands helps, but so much of what makes Scandi style enticing is the playful and free attitude. I look to these ladies to ease my fears about trying new trends, and also as leaders of a more vintage-based, exciting idea of sustainable style.

In following so many Scandi influencers for that reason, I've come to realise that there are three new pillars of Scandi style in addition to minimalism. Keep scrolling to discover them and meet the influencers leading each style movement.


Though these women have very different personal styles, they all have one thing in common: the ability to combine unexpected pieces into a whole new look or vibe. Whether it's layering shapes, styles, mixing vintage with designer or accessorising, each of these ladies has taught me a few simple tricks that have made a big difference in my own idea of style.


(Image credit: @prosenkilde)

With loads of Scandi brands in her wardrobe like Ganni and Cecilie Bahsen, Pernille Rosenkilde manages to make her designer pieces look relaxed and cool by mixing them with vintage pieces.


(Image credit: @mayasoulpaustian)

Stylist Maya Soul Paustian is always on the cusp on trends and is my go-to for new styling tricks. She thinks outside the box when it comes to things such as hem lengths and dresses over trousers.


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

Emili Sindlev will layer all of the season's cult pieces on at once and make it look easy. Never shy of colours and prints, she has a Carrie Bradshaw approach to style. 


(Image credit: @hannastefansson)

From colour combos to mixing prints, we always look to Hanna Stefansson for new ways to wear our clothes. Playing with new shapes and cuts too, she manages to pull off just about anything.


(Image credit: @marenschia)

At 21 years old, Oslo-based Maren Schia might be young, but she's already teaching us so much with each outfit. She layers trends and patterns but manages to look comfortable and cool at the same time.


(Image credit: @karodall)

Karoline Dall always spots the best high-street pieces (especially dresses) first and layers them in a way you'd think they are way more expensive than they are, often pairing print on prints with simple accessories.


(Image credit: @julieblichfeld)

As the owner of the ultra cool vintage store Collect 23, it's no surprise Julia Blichfeld piles on a layer of vintage pieces from different decades and styles and still manages to make them look fabulous.


(Image credit: @fannyekstrand)

Fanny Ekstrand's ability to accessorise should be awarded. Her layering of many hair accessories went viral last season, but that skill extends to everything from necklaces to socks and shoes too. 


(Image credit: @mariehindkaer)

Marie Hindkaer layers beige and neutral tones with prints and athleisure pieces to ensure her style is like no one else's. 


I'm classifying these women as the peacocks because they are unafraid to let their style be the centre of attention. In a similar vein to Iris Apfel, these women take joy in the theatre of fashion and inspire me to not care at all about what people think of me. If you find joy in your outfit, that's what matters, and these women embody that philosophy.


@_jeanettemadsen_ and @thora_valdimars
(Image credit: @_jeanettemadsen_)

I had to put Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars together because they are essentially inseparable during fashion month, their outfits often complimenting each other. As co-founders of cult dress brand Rotate Birger Christensen, they are pioneers of changing the perception of Scandi style.


(Image credit: @lottaliinalove)

Lotta pushes her personal style to the edge, trying full looks in a performative way, complete with props and fun poses. 


(Image credit: @marianne_theodorsen)

Marianne Theodorsen came on my radar as an influencer with the coolest maternity style and has been bringing the cool ever since. 


(Image credit: @styleinscandinavia)

As one of our regular fashion week correspondents, Susan Stjernberger is a street style photographer and PR rep with the coolest looks. Super bubbly and always trying bold trends, her feed is a great mix of mobile-first street style pics and fab outfits.


(Image credit: @nnennaechem)

Nnenna is a trend master and is the first to try looks, but in a completely unique way from anyone else. She wore the Zara cult organza blouse with an all-green checked suit.


(Image credit: @hannamw)

Hanna is a fashion chameleon that never blends in. Between her collection of Saks Potts coats and her love of runway looks, her feed will make you envious.


(Image credit: @annasarlvit)

If she's not in head-to-toe patterns and prints, Anna's wearing loud colours. She's a great reason to believe in wearing more than one statement piece at a time. 


(Image credit: @ninasandbech)

While many Scandi style stars are pastel masters, Nina loves bold colours with white accents. Be it neon green, fuschia or bright orange, she always pops at fashion week and will be a ray of sunshine on your feed.


(Image credit: @annawinck)

As a Stockholm-based stylist's personal assistant, Anna Winck's often outrageous outfits differ from one to the next, making her exact style difficult to classify in the best way.


Scandi bloggers were the leaders of the minimalist style movement, and there are still a few that we all can always rely on for the less-is-more approach to personal style. I love that though they stick to neutral tones, they use shapes and detailing to keep each look original. 


(Image credit: @pernilleteisbaek)

One of the originals, we look to Pernille for her minimalist interpretation of each season's biggest trends. She is fully responsible for convincing us that cycling shorts are chic.


(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

Based in Helsinki, Finland, we are flat-out obsessed with everything Sylvie Mus wears. With a heavily vintage-based wardrobe, she proves that buying new pieces isn't always the way.


(Image credit: @frejawewer)

Freja is a minimalist with a relaxed and cool twist. Fond of brands like Bottega Veneta and Marine Serre, she is just as likely to wear an oversized tee as a strappy dress.


(Image credit: @fakerstrom)

Stockholm-based Felicia Akerstrom always brings a strong amount of sophistication to her minimalist looks, sticking to formfitting silhouettes rather than oversized ones. 

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(Image credit: @sophiaroe)

With over 237,000 followers, you're probably already following mega stylist Sophia Roe, but just in case you're not, now's the time.


(Image credit: @chrystelleeriksberger)

I only recently came across Stockholm-based creator Chrystelle Eriksberger, and already find myself returning to her feed constantly for new styling tricks.


(Image credit: @tineandreaa)

Tine Andrea is always a minimalist but never boring. Whether it's a simple gold chain, a new It bag or a fabulous pair of heels, the secret to her style is all in the details.


(Image credit: @katarinapetrovic)

Katarina Petrovic does minimalism with an edge, always pushing her outfits to the maximum. Whether she dons her oversized sunnies or her favourite Jacquemus pieces, she always looks fierce.

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(Image credit: @lollilewis)

As a Stockholm-based Londoner, Lolli Lewis brings a British flourish to Scandi minimalism, making her style truly unique. 


(Image credit: @darjabarannik)

Always sophisticated, heeled and keenly accessorised, Darja is one of those sleek and chic influencers who can make H&M earrings and Celine shoes look equally elegant.


(Image credit: @saraflaaen)

I found Sara among one of Who What Wear's tagged reader photos and just loved her fun and youthful outfits.


Pastel-hued feeds are so pleasing to look at, so it's no wonder that they are becoming increasingly popular. These women use each outfit as a lesson in pairing the softest Pantone shades, using fabrics like silks and light cottons as their base. Often choosing head-to-toe of one colour, this might just be my favourite new style pillar.


(Image credit: @annejohannsen)

If you love pastel hues, Anne Johannsen's feed will be your style heaven. She pairs pale ginghams with soft knits and silks, always with a designer touch like a Ganni hat or Chanel trainers.


(Image credit: @trinekjaer_)

Trine Kjaer opened my eyes to the possibilities of a trouser-based outfit. She owns many pairs of trousers, all high-waisted and wide-legged, but in different colours and patterns. With those as her base, the rest of her each of outfits fall into place.


(Image credit: @mariejedig)

Marie loves a strong co-ord—often in silks or vintage cotton—paired with trainers. Between her Courreges and Saks Potts pieces, there are so many reasons to be envious of Marie's wardrobe.


(Image credit: @simonenoa)

Copenhagen-based Simone Noa wears pastel hues of evening wear in the day like she's tossing on a T-shirt. Whether it's a frilling one-shoulder top or a beaded dress, she pairs her fancier pieces with sporty sandals and vintage bags.


(Image credit: @emmamoldt)

As a vintage collector, Emma Moldt's wardrobe is full of bucket hats, wacky sunnies and fabulously unique pieces.


(Image credit: @monosigne)

Signe Nørtoft's super-cute style is based on a rainbow of pastels and faded tones, but she loads up on quirky accessories and handmade pieces too.

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