These 8 Ridiculously Easy Scandi-Girl Hairstyles Are Perfect for Busy People

It's no secret that Scandi girls know a thing or two about how to look cool. Their penchant for colour and a laid-back aesthetic makes for one hell of a chic recipe. Everything from their clothes to their skincare oozes effortless, and I want in. In fact, I've been scribbling notes on how to replicate Scandi-girl style for years, but it seems as though things are easier observed than done. When it comes to nailing Scandi fashion, I have to admit defeat.

What I have learned, however, is that a key part of any Scandi-girl look is a no-fuss, low-maintenance hairstyle—the kind that looks like you just sort of chucked it up and it just fell that way. And whilst I'm all too aware that effortless-looking hairstyles are some of the most difficult to execute, it seems that Scandi girls have struck the perfect balance between chicness and ease. And I've finally cracked it. Though my sartorial skills are lacking, I've got the Scandi-girl hair look down to a fine art, and it's changed my life.

Forget spending hours clutching a curling tong. Nowadays, I wake up, twist up my lengths, and I'm good to go in a matter of seconds. My current hair looks are so good (if I may say so myself) that I'm convinced everyone has something to learn from the Scandi way. So whether you consider yourself a lazy girl when it comes to hair or simply find yourself stretched for time on the daily, keep scrolling for the eight Scandi-girl hairstyles that will change the game. And I promise they won't take any longer than five minutes.

1. Claw Twist


(Image credit: @ANNASARLVIT)

If you have mid-length hair, a claw clip couldn't be easier to use. Part hair in the middle and use the clip to scrape it back and secure it at the nape of the neck. Pull some strands out at the front for a super laid-back look.


(Image credit: @SYLVIEMUS_)

My favourite style note when it comes to claw clips? Instead of reaching for hairbands, secure buns and twists with a pretty claw at the back. 


(Image credit: @ANNEJOHANNSEN)

Those with long hair don't have to sit out on the claw-clip trend. Gather your hair at the back, twist it up and snake the lengths back down into the clip—it's that easy.

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2. Low Bun


(Image credit: @MONAMALI_)

When your curls need a slurp of extra nourishment, apply an oil treatment or hydrating mask, slick lengths back into a low bun and secure.


(Image credit: @KARODALL)

On particularly windy days, always pack a hairband in your bag so that you can pull your hair back into a twisted low bun like this one.



Proving that a low bun works for every occasion, a slicked-back knot makes for the ultimate office-appropriate hairstyle.

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3. Slide Clips


(Image credit: @NNENNAECHEM)

Amplify your usual down 'do by adding a row of jazzy clips to just one side.


(Image credit: @EMILISINDLEV)

A chic slide clip that acts as a pretty piece of hair jewellery and keeps your hair off your face? Count me in.


(Image credit: @FUMINATSUJI)

Slide clips in clashing colours look great on bright, neon or pastel tones.

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4. Ponytail Plait


(Image credit: @MSORRIG)

The ponytail plait is a Scandi-girl classic, and for good reason. Just pull your hair back into a ponytail, secure with a band, plait the lengths and secure again for a pretty update on the classic pony.


(Image credit: @POLLIANI)

Plaited ponytails look particularly great with balayage as they showcase the ribbons of blonde through the lengths.

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5. Scarves


(Image credit: @MONAMALI_)

I love the idea of matching your silk hair scarf to your shirt. The scarf acts as a great way to disguise second or third-day roots.


(Image credit: @MARIEJEDIG)

Nothing says summer quite like a bandana-style headscarf and some big, retro shades.

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6. Texture


(Image credit: @NINASANDBECH)

Perhaps my favourite Scandi-girl hair trend is what I like to call the laissez-faire effect. Leave your hair well alone and embrace whatever wave, curl, texture or parting comes naturally. 


(Image credit: @_JEANETTEMADSEN_)

If you have a natural wave to your hair, spritz in a salt spray and let nature run its course.


(Image credit: @MONAMALI_)

Curly girls, put the straighteners down. The Scandi way is all about embracing your natural curl pattern. 

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7. Bubble Braid


(Image credit: @NNENNAECHEM)

Similar to the ponytail plait but so very different, the bubble braid hit the big time this year thanks to Scandi-girl love for the style. For a minimalistic approach, wear your bubble braid low at the nape of the neck. 


(Image credit: @POLLIANI)

Whilst clear bands can be used to create your bubble braid, statement black bands look just as great against blonde strands (as do blonde bands against brunette).

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8. Oversized Scrunchies


(Image credit: @annabelrosendahl)

To add a fashion statement to your ponytail or bun, opt for an oversized scrunchie. Matching the colour of your scrunchie to your outfit will make this style look even more sophisticated.


(Image credit: @deborabrosa)

If you want something a little more fun, add a flower-shaped scrunchie for the ultimate Scandi-girl hairstyle. I'm obsessed with this look for summer.

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