Wait, Are Swimsuit Belts a Thing Now?

When it comes to swimsuits, it seems like there are only so many "new" trends that can come about. Well, swimwear brand Same Swim proved that a little creativity in the space can go a long way and has officially made swimsuit belts a thing. Bloggers and It girls have been testing out the accessory and clearly love it (as evidenced by their Instagrams), styling the $80 belt over one-piece bathing suits of all kinds.

The addition of this unique, stretchy striped belt accentuates your waist (making posing in a swimsuit that much easier) and creates a summertime look you won't find anywhere else. At first glance, you would think the belt is attached to the swimsuit, but the accessory itself is actually sold separately. That way, you get the most bang for your buck and can mix and match the fashion-forward item with the swimsuit of your choice.

Go on to see this swimsuit belt on bloggers and It girls alike, and then shop the accessory for yourself.