I'm Mesmerized by Sabrina Carpenter's Glossy AMA Makeup—Here's Every Product

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I typically find award show makeup looks boring. Don't tell anyone, okay? It's just that more often than not, stars tend to play it safe and go for the classic award show combos: smoky eyes with a nude lip, red lipstick with winged liner, or glowy skin and neutral colors. Don't get me wrong. These looks are classic for a reason—they just don't necessarily elicit a heart rate spike on my end. 

That's why when I saw Sabrina Carpenter's makeup at the American Music Awards last night, I was pleasantly surprised that my heart skipped a beat. Her makeup was just so damn good. Glossy, two-toned lips and shiny lids are exactly the kind of showstopping makeup I want to see at an award show. 


Getty Images/Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

The second I saw Carpenter's look, I knew I needed to find out the product breakdown. This makeup is number one on my list of looks to re-create. Luckily, celebrity makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez gave me the full details on her look. Keep reading for all the products Gonzalez used for Carpenter's ethereal red carpet beauty. 

There's a reason that this foundation is a red carpet mainstay. Gonzalez used it on Carpenter to enhance her skin.

For added coverage, Gonzalez popped this concealer under Carpenter's eyes.

Gonzalez used this glowy, non-cakey setting powder to keep Carpenter's makeup in place. 

By using the spongy end of this dual-sided pencil, Gonzalez smudged and smoked out the liner she applied to Carpenter's lash line. 

Gonzalez used this around the perimeter of Carpenter's lips for tons of definition.

Gonzalez used this color on the inner part of Carpenter's lips to finish the look.