Miranda Kerr Just Dropped Her Holiday Gift Guide, and I Want Everything



If I were to pick a celebrity to buy me a holiday gift, Miranda Kerr would be on the top of my list. There's no doubt about it—the supermodel, entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of Kora Organics has downright impeccable taste. 

Unfortunately for me, chances are pretty slim that Kerr will ever handpick a gift for me herself. (She's a busy woman, after all.) But on the bright side, I think I have a pretty good idea of what she'd gift me since she just released her holiday gift guide for 2022.

As you might expect, there are plenty of beauty and wellness staples on the list (including a few products from Kora Organics, of course). Every gift on Kerr's list is sure to spark joy for whoever you choose to give it to, but keeping these for yourself is highly encouraged, if you ask me. Keep scrolling for my 10 favorite picks from Kerr's gift guide. 

One thing about Miranda Kerr is that she loves using crystals to help ground herself. This kit, complete with crystals, palo santo, and a candle, will help you find zen.

Accupuncture is a powerful tool for pain relief, but it's not always accessible. Lying on this mat will help relieve discomfort and stress. 

Keep this deck around for whenever you're having a bad day. Each card has a different mindfulness suggestion for turning your mindset around.

Aptly named, this bath soak is full of stress-relieving ingredients like epsom salts, valerian root, and frankincense. 

Take it from someone who owns this exact Theragun model—it's worth every penny (and just as good as the full-sized version, in my opinion). If you have any knots or sore muscles, this massage gun is the ultimate solve. 

This is basically a sauna in a sleeping bag—you get all the amazing benefits without leaving your house. 

If you're like me and spend a good chunk of time staring at your computer screen, blue-light glasses are a must. These ones happen to be chic, too.

Dry brushing can do wonders for boosting circulation and sloughing off dead skin cells.

If you've yet to board the Five-Minute Journal train, this is your sign. Committing to this journal every day will help positively transform your mindset. 

It's cold season, people. This bee propolis spray helps provide immune support when you need it most.