Revolve's Swim Section Has Close to 3500 Items—Here Are My Favorites

A couple weeks ago, while working on this story highlighting the best places to shop for swimsuits, at one point in the research process, I found myself in the ever-popular Revolve swim section. Popular because, well, as I touched on in the aforementioned story, it’s a trove of swimwear trends, but it also features countless classic styles as well. Shortly after clicking in, however, I was surprised to find that just its swimwear section alone is comprised of almost 3500 items—3430 to be exact.

Now for someone like me who literally shops for a living, this is a breeze to sort, filter, and ultimately, shop, but it got me thinking: Is it that easy for everyone? For many who are shopping-averse, and especially when it comes to online shopping and swimwear shopping (a whole other beast), my guess is that it’s not. So with hopes of helping you find a suit or beach cover-up from everyone on Instagram’s favorite site, I thought I’d work some magic and narrow down the absolute best items it has to offer. 29 of them to be exact, and if you’re wondering, yes, I did sort through all 36 pages.

It is worth noting that most of its suits only run up to a size large, but if you’re looking for our favorites in larger sizes, we have a roundup for that too. So for my favorite suits and cover-ups to help you channel your inner influencer, simply continue below.

and Ruby Bottom ($88) 

Available in sizes XS to L.

Did you think we were done? Click here to shop more swimsuits I love.

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