When Revolve Has a Sale, I Go a Little Crazy—36 Things in My Cart



The image above is the perfect example of how I react when I am scrolling the web and realize one of my favorite brands is having a sale. Today, that just so happened to be Revolve. The retailer has been my destination for everyday attire for quite some time for many reasons. I'm quite impatient, so the free two-day shipping has me always coming back for more. The assortment of both trendy and classic items has won me over, and this sale includes the best of the best.

I'm currently working on revamping my fall wardrobe, and all it needs is a little bit of spice. That's why you'll find a lot of fun, statement-making pieces and the basics that will round them out in the wish list I've curated below. The pieces I'm into are so good they're guaranteed to sell out. You'll want to shop for them now, so start scrolling.

My ideal top for an evening out on the town.

I've decided everyone needs a micro miniskirt.

This is the perfect "bad girl meets prep school" ensemble.

This is the New York City take on a white dress.

I own an iteration of this shirt, but I need this one too.

Having this dress would resolve so many "What do I wear?" moments.

I'm still here for a little bit of Western inspiration.

I'm currently stocking up on basics.

I'm here for a matching-shoe moment.

Now this is a knit worth talking about.

Again, I can't stop raving about this shirt.

I can't believe the low-rise jeans everyone is obsessed with are on sale.

A fall going-out dress if I ever saw one.

I'm packing this top for my next getaway.

Whenever I see a sweater on sale during fall, I'm intrigued.

These are the kind of jeans fashion girls swarm to.

BRB, I'm asking summer to come back so I can wear this dress.