Revolve's Newest Beauty Arrivals Are 10/10—20 to Buy While They're on Sale



I always forget about how amazing Revolve's beauty department is until my shopping cart is suddenly 20 products deep in Revolve beauty products. Can anyone else relate? Teeming with the most viral items and covetable brands, Revolve is high-key one of our favorite online beauty destinations, and right now is one of the most strategic times to shop thanks to an epic 15%-off sale. 

From now until May 26, you can snag everything on your beauty dream list at discount, aside from a small handful of excluded brands. (Just use the code BEAUTY15 at checkout!) Of course, we have an ongoing catalog of our all-time favorite beauty products you can find on Revolve's metaphorical shelves, but we're celebrating this particular sale by sharing the can't-miss new beauty arrivals you'll want to add to your shopping cart before everyone else. Keep scrolling! Here are 20 of the most exciting new beauty products to buy at Revolve.

Slip's new Alice+Olivia collab—and this reversible silk hair wrap, in particular—is the best thing to happen to your elevated yet nonchalant summer-hair MO. They won't last long!

The most adorable silk scrunchie launch we've ever laid eyes on, Slip's newest ultra-mini hair ties are made with 100% silk and are especially great for anyone with fine, thin, or super-fragile hair. 

Ilia's newest skin-meets-makeup innovation just launched, and we beauty lovers couldn't be more excited. It's an ingenious three-in-one serum that contains encapsulated vitamin C, mineral SPF 40, and niacinamide, all packaged into a waterless base that helps protect the skin while giving your summer complexion the most incandescent glow. 

We have endless tropical vacations on our minds, and this summer-in-a-bottle perfume from Ellis Brooklyn might take us over the edge. Think a heady oasis of scent thanks to fresh fig, bergamot, plum, pear, handpicked jasmine, cyclamen, orris, orange blossom, amber, vanilla, planifolia, musks, and coconut. It really doesn't get more intoxicating than this.

I've never smelled a mermaid, but I imagine Ellis Brooklyn's new salty scented body oil (inspired by one of the fragrance brand's all-time best perfumes) is exactly the right vibe. Plus, your skin will have the dreamiest, hydrated gleam.

If you're a sucker for anything and everything with vanity appeal, like I am, it will only take two seconds for you to add one of these stunning, vintage-inspired bamboo paddle brushes to your Revolve cart. I dare you to choose just one color!

The light jelly texture of this ethereal serum from Herbivore is delicious enough on its own, but the love doesn't stop there—it's a smart, more natural retinol alternative serum that plumps away fine lines and wrinkles while also toning and firming.

Yep! Everyone's all-time favorite French drugstore brand just launched the new self-tanner of the season. It doesn't smell offensive (TG), your sun-kissed glow will last a full seven days, and it uses a V cool new technology that combines the self-tanning agent DHA with a completely innovative diffusion system that allows more of the ingredient to come into contact with the skin, therefore improving the overall look and tone of the tan. 

Nothing is more of a buzzkill come summer and lazy beach days than a painful, inflamed ingrown hair. With this sleek little elixir from Fur on hand, the above is a nightmare of summer's past only.

Believe me when I say you'd never think this silky, probiotic-rich serum from Coola is actually the stealthiest and most comfortable-feeling sunscreen you've likely ever worn. Oh, and the formula doesn't stop there! The brand's signature BlueScreen Digital De-Stress Technology also helps reduce the negative skin effects of blue light, pollution, and other environmental antagonizers.

If you like to apply your SPF via spritz, it just doesn't get more refreshing than this cooling organic face mist from Coola. Plus, it's non-greasy and noncomedogenic, so you don't have to worry about clogged pores or sunscreen sweat–induced breakouts. 

Let's destigmatize dandruff, shall we? This gentle yet potent shampoo from Briogeo utilizes key ingredients like salicylic and lactic acids to curb excessive flaking and irritation without starving your scalp of moisture.

If you have dull skin, congested pores, frequent breakouts, stubborn dark spots, and/or pigmentation, this brilliant new mask is the ultimate antidote.

Scalpcare is having a major moment right now, but some product launches are so much better than others, and this scrub-shampoo hybrid from Ceremonia is one of our newest obsessions. It's an invigorating, whipped shampoo that contains papaya enzymes and Bolivian pink salt to exfoliate away buildup and impurities while simultaneously re-glossing strands with lasting hydration. It's the ultimate summer pick-me-up.

As a cherry on top, treat dry hair to this lush hair mask, which is supercharged with natural ingredients—such as babassu oil and cupuaçu butter from Peru—to recondition and fortify stressed-out strands. Trust me when I say your haircare routine has never been yummier.

We love to hoard Sunday Riley products, and this epic anti-aging sleep routine has us feeling like kids on Christmas morning. 

Meet your newest summer makeup staple: a dew-inducing, flush-enhancing dual-ended stick that just made your glowing summer beauty aesthetic so much easier to achieve.

Tan-Luxe's new face cream isn't your average facial self-tanner. Yes, it will gradually boost your glow with daily wear, but it also contains strategic ingredients like glycine, leucine, L-phenylalanine, squalane, birch bark, and rice bran to actually improve the look, feel, and overall tone of your complexion, too. You're basically getting 10 different products in one chic tube. 

This all-in-one eye cream from Plant Apothecary has your delicate eye area covered. It keeps you looking bright-eyed and youthful thanks to its brightening, firming, moisturizing, and preventative powers. Fine lines, who?

Every gilded member of Old Hollywood would slather their face with cold cream before bed as the ultimate beauty ritual. This French lip staple utilizes the same idea to protect dry lips and seal in unparalleled moisture.