This Resale Mistake Is Costing You Serious Money

Recently, one of the most game-changing fashion decisions I’ve made has been buying and selling pieces with online consignment retailer The RealReal. It has helped me make some extra money by clearing out items from my closet that I haven’t been wearing, but it has also allowed me to order past-season designer pieces I missed out on the first time around—often at a sizable discount.

Earlier this year, I ordered a pair of metallic gold strappy heels from Manolo Blahnik for just $140. Then, I picked up a ’90s Dior monogram saddle bag just before the brand re-released the iconic style for fall. Right now, my cart is filled with Phoebe Philo–era Celine that I’m planning to order on the verge of the designer’s pieces becoming increasingly rare.

With my newfound affinity for consignment shopping and selling, I was interested to chat with experts at The RealReal to find out their tips on what to sell and what to buy, plus the best strategies to follow to make the most money. Ahead, I’m breaking down the findings I learned from Sasha Skoda, women’s category director at The RealReal.