Do You Have Wardrobe Fatigue? Here's How to Fix It

If you tend to keep your life in order year-round, then spring-cleaning is a walk in the park. For the rest of us, well, not so much. But no matter which category you fall under, a seasonal closet clean-out can shine a light on just how bored you are with your wardrobe. And when it hits you, it hits hard: A patterned blouse that once filled you with joy just doesn't spark that same emotion, and those patent loafers you wore everywhere last season have somehow lost their shine.

Los Angeles–based fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur of blog Viva Luxury knows a thing or two about letting go of a few old pieces to make room for what's fresh and new. So for spring, we collaborated with the It girl and Armani Exchange to give you the lowdown on what to toss and keep as you go through your closet. From shades of blue to crisp, fresh whites, today Fleur's showing us how she's polishing up her already enviable wardrobe for the new season. You're going to want to take notes.

Ready to cure your wardrobe fatigue? Here's how to get started.

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