I've Worn This One Pair of Jeans on Repeat for the Last Year

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is one of life’s great mysteries. The search can take years, and then by the time you find them the trends have changed, or your body shape fluctuates (totally normal) and that dream pair doesn’t quite fit anymore. While searching we spend hours in changing rooms getting flustered, or over-ordering online only to have to schlep all the losing styles back to the post office afterwards. 

But every once in a while, a perfect style comes along as if by magic when you’re least expecting it. That’s what happened to me and the one pair of jeans that I’ve worn on repeat for the last year. I added them to an online sale order at the last minute on the recommendation of a fashion friend, and my wardrobe has never looked back. I own over 50 pairs of jeans (I know, I know—I've been collecting them for years) and these are now my favourite. So, in the spirit of passing forward—in case you’re mid-jeans-search-struggle—I thought I’d share the denim love with you all. 


(Image credit: @emilyjdawes)

Re/Done’s Stove Pipe jeans are the perfect straight leg. Not too cropped, not too long (I’m 5’2” for reference) and stiff but not uncomfortable to sit in (important). The fit is spectacular. Even during a year when my weight has gone up and down, they’ve remained my most turned-to pair. The best part? They go with a whole range of shoes— the length and width of the ankle works perfectly with sandals, trainers, boots and heels (keep scrolling for proof). 

Yes, they’re an investment, but the quality and cost per wear make them worth it—the blue is still just as blue, the hems are still intact and the denim hasn't sagged or stretched, even after a year of washes. 

Of course, if you’re looking for the perfect flare, or wide-leg or skinny—sorry to say the search continues—but if it’s a versatile, classic straight-leg blue jean that transcends trends you’re after, look no further. Keep scrolling to shop.


With Trainers
(Image credit: @emilyjdawes)


With Heels
(Image credit: @emilyjdawes)


With Boots
(Image credit: @emilyjdawes)

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